Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Latest GlassFish Production Story - Bauer Systems

Bauer Systems is the most recent entry on our "Stories" blog. This well established German online and print media company has invested significantly in the GlassFish application server, with "transparent roadmap" as one of its deciding factor. They use many different technologies in the product (EJBs, Web Services, JMS, ...) and, as Norbert Seekircher Lead Software Architect at Bauer Systems, puts it - "we are using GlassFish as the container for all our current Java EE development".

What's interesting about this customer is that it's illustrating what I think is a tendency with customers moving from a tactical use to a strategic use of GlassFish. It's no longer chosen for a specific product but more as a founding technology for numerous enterprise applications.

We will soon expand this "Stories" blog to other open source software technologies from Sun. If you are using OpenMQ, OpenESB, OpenPortal, or any other such products in production, we'd love it if you could share your experience with the rest of the community. Please ping us at "stories @".