Friday May 11, 2012

Dukes Choice Awards 2012 Nominations Are Open

2012 Duke's Choice Award are open for nominations. These awards recognize and celebrate innovation in the Java platform.

Winners will be announced in the September 2012 issue of Java Magazine and on stage at JavaOne, San Francisco, 2012. They will receive a free JavaOne full conference pass and a Duke Award Statue.

For details on recent winners check out: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Nominations are open until Jun 15th, submit now!

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Last Call for Readers Choice 2008


One last call for your help with the Reader's Choice Poll, which has been extended until Dec 31st.

Our projects have been doing very well and we had a 2x factor margin shown early on (see Aug 31st report). We maintained that margin until early this week when all the IBM projects showed a huge jump in votes. I see we have started closing the gap again but we are still behind in several categories.

Please consider voting for your favorite project(s), and help us spread the word around about the poll. The GlassFish-related projects inlude GlassFish, Hudson, OpenESB, NetBeans, Metro, OpenSSO, JAXP, Portal and Java CAPS.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008

Introducing the GAP blog

Radio Receiver Icon

• The GAP (GlassFish Awards Program) is now over and the list of winners is public.
• We have over 100 winners and as mentioned previously we thought we could go highlight some contributions, some winners and other interesting facts we've gathered along the journey.
• So here is the place we this will all happen:
See you there!

Monday Sep 29, 2008

JRuby for Java Skeptics, GAP in Sao Paolo, Brazil, OpenSSO, OpenDS and GF, MySQL Users Conference

A compilation of today's news of interest:

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From Ruby-land, Zargony is warming up to JRbuy and explains Why I'm starting to like JRuby even though I dislike Java. And Arun writes a short list of the Advantages of JRuby over MRI.

We have been sending notifications to GAP (the GlassFish Awards Program) for a while but on MOnday we had a Press Release aligned with the first SunTech Days in Sao Paolo to celebrate the winners located in Brazil. Special congratulations to Claudio and Reginaldo who were at the event. We are planning a number of blogs to highlight the GAP winners; we won't be able to cover the 108 of them (!) but we will sample a few.

And, Arun is visiting Sao Paolo (and other cities in Brazil) and writes about ES JUG... And about Embu das Artes and about Travel Tips in Brazil.

Showing part of the spread of the Friends and Family part of the GlassFish Server two tutorials: First Sidharth and Marina show OpenSSO on GlassFish, and then Ludo points to John Yeary's Doing authentication and authorization with GlassFish and OpenDS.

Giuseppe points out that the call for papers for the MySQL Users Conference is still open.

PS. There is a lot of work to do before GFv3 prelude goes out; tracking the news during the next few weeks is going to be tricky, please bear with us.

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

ComputerWoche Compares OpenSource AppServers... Guess Who Wins?


ComputerWoche, the weekly IT German magazine from IDG just ran a comparison of Free AppServers, comparing Apache Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, JBoss and GlassFish. Their winner? GlassFish!

Check the Original Article, and the Translation by Google.

Thanks to Dalibor and Arun for the tip.

Added - And remember the WSJ Reader's Choice Vote - right now GlassFish is at the top spot but make your opinion count!

Sunday Aug 24, 2008

GAP Status Report

Several people have asked about the status of the GAP program, so here is a very quick update.


According to the rules, the submission period closed end of June; the list of submissions is at GapSubmissions, with 260 bug submissions and 52 contribution submissions. The next step was for the program judges, which were Gregg Sporar, Simon Phipps, Paul Sterk, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine and myself.

The summer slowed down a bit the evaluation process but for the last 4 weeks the jury, with help from the leads of the different projects, validated the bug submissions and judged the contributions. We also applied some of the contest rules, like no more than 5 winners for Bugs and 1 per contribution.

There were many, very good, submissions and the judges reflected that quality by spreading the awards. We have reported the results to the outside company that is helping with the final steps, so we cannot give you the final report yet, but we can give you some ballpark information. We have around 102 winners with very wide geographic distribution. We expect all the contribution prizes to be awarded, and we expect around 16 honorable mentions.

More details as soon as we get final confirmations!

Monday Aug 11, 2008

Readers Choice Vote is On


Sys-Con has announced the opening of the vote period for the SOA World Magazine Reader's Choice Award. Consider voting for our projects; last year we had multiple winners.

Arun Listed our Projects in the vote, they include: GlassFish, Hudson, Metro, NetBeans, Java CAPS, OpenESB, OpenSSO and JAXP.

So, go ahead and... Vote!

Monday Jun 30, 2008

GAP - Only a few hours to go

GAP rush

With only a few hours to go in the GAP (GlassFish Awards Program), the trend for both bug reports and contributions is very good. We were a little worried a few weeks back but as always people wait for the last minute to submit their work! :)

As a reminder this is part of a larger Sun Grant program with a total donation of $1M. The amount for the GlassFish Awards Program is $175K. The official rules are here and you may want to read the GAP FAQ.

A panel of judges will decide the GAP winners in July 2008. Prizes will be allocated by end of August 2008.

Tuesday May 27, 2008

$$$ for Bugs - GlassFish GAP Program

Our bugs, or, rather, your bug submissions, can put some $$s in your pocket!


The GlassFish Awards Program (GAP) divides its $175K prize into two major sections. The biggest chunk goes into Contributions and we have seen a good number of submissions - although there are still some opportunities left.

GAP also reserves $50K for bug submissions with a target of 100 winning submissions. For those of you math-savy, that is $500; not bad for a bug report! Unfortunately, Sun employees don't qualify :-), but, the rest of you, hurry up and submit!

And, yes, Virginia! All projects in the GlassFish community qualify.

Tuesday Apr 08, 2008

GAP Submissions Update - And Clarification for Eligibility to Campus Ambassadors

GAP logo

An update on the GAP, the GlassFish Awards Program. We now have 10 submissions (Submissions Table) and we are aware of at least a couple more in the queue.

The GAP Rules award prizes to the top 20 submissions, and we would like to avoid leaving money on the table; if you are planning a submission, I'd encourage you to do it now, before CommunityOne and JavaOne so we can help you put together as strong a submission as possible.

One important clarification: Sun Campus Ambassadors are eligible provided that the work for the GAP submission is unrelated to the work that you are doing for Sun as part of the Campus Ambassador Program.

Saturday Mar 22, 2008

Don't Leave Money on the Table - GAP (GlassFish Awards Program) News and Questions

The GlassFish Awards Program (GAP) is intended to encourage and reward innovation in the GlassFish Community. The program's rules (here) are quite loose and many types of projects will qualify. There are US$ 175K available, for both projects and bug submissions; check Previous Posts for additional commentary.

Some notes on the program:

Drawing of Money Bag

• Submissions are to be sent to Gap-Submissions at GF (Archive, mailto).
• All projects in the GlassFish community at-large are eligible.
• Applicants are individuals, we don't care were they work.
• Whether you need to sign the SCA depends on the requirements of your project.
• Docs, Portals, Workshops, etc, are all eligible. If in doubt, Ask Us.
• Don't wait until the last minute; Submit it Now!
• A good approach is to submit now what you have, then Send an Update!

We have up to 20 prizes for projects and many more for bug submissions but we have received very few submissions so far. I suspect many are waiting for the deadline, but we would much rather you submit now first and then resubmit. Don't leave money on the table!

Note! We had a configuration problem with the submission alias and it is possible that some submissions may not have been recorded properly. If you submitted, please check the alias archive, and resubmit if necessary.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

GlassFish Awards Program - Press Release and Program Rules


Phase Two of the Community Innovation Awards Program is now live. Check the Official Announcement, and our Earlier Writeups.

Each community has its own set of rules all within an Overall Program. The GlassFish program is described at the GAP Home Page. Key points include:

• Awards for Best Bug Reports and for Best Projects
• Projects can be based on existing Projects in the GF community or not
• Goal is to grow Community in Size, Quality, Innovation, etc.
• Submission Start Date is Now
• Submission End Date is June 30th
• Results Aug 15th
• 175K$ in prizes.

Saturday Jan 26, 2008

175K US$ for you! GAP Update

Bunch of Money Banknotes

We are almost ready with the set of rules for the GlassFish Awards Program. There will be some last minute adjustment on Monday but the $US 175K will be split into two: awards for the best Bug Submissions, and awards for Project Contributions.

Check out the Themes and Project Ideas. The shape of the contest has been influenced by constraints on when the money will be available and when it has to be allocated; discussions threads at the Advocacy mailing list.

Unfortunately Sun employees can't apply :-(

Saturday Jan 05, 2008

GlassFish Grants and Awards Program


Now that most people are back from the holiday's break, we need to close on the GlassFish Grants and Awards Program. If you are interested please check the Original TA post, the two posts at Users@GF ([1], [2]), the threads at the Advocacy@GF alias and the Program Page at our Wiki.

The intention is to design as simple a program as possible, possibly borrowing the programs that other communities are using. We will be using the advocacy mailing list for any further announcements.