Saturday Nov 15, 2008

New GlassFish White Paper on High Availability in a Virtualized Environment


Sun has published a new White Paper showing how to combine the GlassFish Server with Solaris 10 Containers on Sun Fire T2000 servers to implement high available solutions under different topologies. The benefits of this arrangement includes benefits from the open source of GF as well as the manageability and price/performance and power-consumption/performance of Containers/CMT.

The White Paper is free but requires registration. The authors are from the core HA group at Sun.

Tuesday May 01, 2007

Rails Integration Exploiting GlassFish Availability

Three Locomotives

Here are two related entries by Ashish. First he reports on the latest release (1.1.1) of Rails Integration (creation of WAR files from Rails apps), which improves deployment, performance and conforms to Rails 1.2.x.

Ashish next describes how to deploy these WARs to a GlassFish v2 cluster! We will show this demo at JavaOne but you can beat the crowds (for free!) at GlassFish Day (requires registration).

PS. I'm falling quite behind in reporting important news because I'm very busy with J1 and GFD and the pace of announcements is increasing. Fortunately it is just one more week!