Thursday Dec 06, 2007

Roller 4.0 is out

Roller 4.0 logo

Congratulations to Dave Johnson and the rest of the Apache Roller team for releasing this major version.of the blogging engine used by 4292 Sun Public bloggers (86691 entries and 87365 comments). BSC ( has been running Roller 4.0-dev since July and as heavy users we give it the thumbs up (as we do to the team running the infrastructure).

Roller now lets you handle themes much easier (get some here), supports plugins, has a much improved install process (including using the GlassFish Update Center), and implementation-wise uses Java 5, Struts 2 and JPA.

Who said Social Software was seldom written in Java?

Wednesday Aug 15, 2007

Roller Themes Site... and Roller 4.0 RC


Dave is reporting progress towards Roller 4.0 "final". Let's hope this time it happens; BSC has been running 4.0 for over a month now.

The other good development is that Gene Strokine (see RollerThemes) is now a contributor to the Roller Support project at Java.Net which includes themes, plugins, editor plugins and other support artifacts for Roller. Now that Roller 4.0 has stabilized we should get some nice contributions.

Monday May 28, 2007

Atom Server on OpenDS and GlassFish

Atom on OpenDS Logo

I like Trey's approach (shown at GlassFish Day) to spreading the word about OpenDS by building some useful and interesting artifacts. I believe his OpenID server has not yet been released but the Atom Server (GlassFish front-end, OpenDS back-end) has and it is getting some nice recognition ([1], [2], [3], [4]).

Trey has a nice post Describing the Project. Additional details at the project website and wiki. To integrate OpenDS with GlassFish check Trey's earlier entry.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2006

Time for ROME 1.0?

ROME logo

Atom is the future of Feed formats, but the present is very much still here in its full glory. The ROME project is great in dealing with this situation but ROME has been a bit under-resourced recently. Now Dave says that he is Interested in Revitalizing the project, which makes sense since Roller depends on ROME, and would be a great thing to do anyhow. If you want to help, talk with Dave.

Dave is also working again on his BlogApps project, and he says he already has one helper: Ramesh.

Phobos Meets Atom, REST

Via TheGalaxy, in his recent blog, Roberto discusses some interesting aspects of building the application atomserver, which is an implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol v9 in Phobos. The application also uses some new REST libraries. For more details, please check out Roberto's blog.

Added: Seems Atom v9 has expired and the doc is no longer available. The most recent version is v11 which is available here.

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006

The Blogapps Project

The Bloggapp Project provides "what is essentially a complete RSS and Atom development kit, which includes feed parsers, generators, blog client libraries, an Atom protocol implementation, a set of ten useful blogapps, and an easy-to-install blog and wiki server". Dave Johnson's recent article on explains the project's purpose and how to install and use the project's products, the Blogapps Examples and Blogapps Server, to jump-start your RSS and Atom development.

Tuesday Oct 17, 2006

Slashdot Reviews "RSS and Atom in Action"

Recently on Slashdot, Simon P. Chappell has published a positive review of Dave Johnson's new book RSS and Atom in Action.

Simon writes "We've all seen them, those icons that decorate blogs and websites; sometimes they're just little orange squares with white stripes, while others say RSS or Atom. Many of us have heard of feeds and podcasts and aggregators. What are these things and where did they come from? Well, Dave Johnson, the author of the open source Roller blogging software, is glad you asked and by way of an answer, he's written RSS and Atom in Action." Read the rest of Simon's review.

RSS and Atom In Action is available at