Tuesday Sep 23, 2008

Ask the OpenSSO Experts!

Ask the Experts

Coming up next week is a Sun Developer Network Ask the Experts session on OpenSSO, featuring Rajeev Angal, Aravindan Ranganathan, Dilli Dorai, and Qingwen Cheng. If you have a question on access management, identity federation, secure web services or anything else OpenSSO-related, post it to the Ask the Experts page during the week of September 29. Go on - see if you can stump them

Wednesday Oct 17, 2007

Ask the Expert session on NetBeans 6

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Similar to the Ask-The-Expert session recently held on GlassFish v2 (transcript), there will be a session on NetBeans 6 from October 22, 2007 to October 26, 2007.

While NetBeans 5.5.1 remains the recommended and supported tool for GlassFish v2, there are several reasons to move to NetBeans 6 (beta 2 should be out real soon now): Totally rewritten code editor, Enhanced Metro/JAX-WS support with a new Web Services visual designer, RESTful Web Services support (JSR 311, Jersey implementation), and overall better GlassFish integration

More details here

Wednesday Sep 12, 2007

Got Questions on GlassFish ? - Ask The Experts coming up

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Got a question about GlassFish ?

Then post it during the week of Sep 17-21 in Ask The Expert session and get answers from Sun's representative on GlassFish community. Sep 17 is still the target date to release the GlassFish V2.

If you cannot wait, feel free to shoot an email to users@glassfish or post a question on GlassFish Forum.

A complete archive of Ask The Experts transcripts are available here.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Ask the Experts Session on WSIT and Project Tango

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts (April 30-May 1): WSIT and Project Tango.
Got a question about Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT, aka Project Tango) for Web Services-based interoperability between Java EE and .Net?

Post it during this session from April 30 to May 4 on the Ask the Experts page and get answers from Sun experts Arun Gupta, Harold Carr, and Marek Potociar.