Monday Jun 01, 2015

Java EE @ Voxxed Days Algiers

The inaugural Voxxed Days Algiers was held on May 23 in Algiers, Algeria. Besides the Devoxx and Voxxed brand, the event can be credited by and large to the grassroots efforts of the Algeria JUG as well as the neighboring Morocco JUG. I have to thank Morocco JUG leader Badr El Houari for cordially inviting me to the event and Algeria JUG leader Abderrazak Bouadma for making the trip a unique unforgettable experience. The event was a humble but profound first step in the right direction for Algerian developers. The event definitely had a strong Java EE showing.

I participated in the opening keynote and delivered three sessions on Java EE 8, using NoSQL in Java EE applications and testing Java EE applications with Arquillian. More details on the sessions and Voxxed Days Algiers, including slide decks and code, posted on my personal blog.

Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

Java EE @ ConFoo Canada 2015

ConFoo 2015 took place 16-20 February in Montreal, Canada. To my knowledge it is the largest developer conference north of the border. The conference has roots in PHP, but has been making an effort to better attract a Java audience hence it was important for me to support the conference. If you are a Canadian Java developer, I would consider adding ConFoo to your radar as a more convenient (and possibly cheaper) event to go to in order to stay up-to-date. Thanks to a number of community speakers such as Ryan Cuprak, Hanneli Tavante and Rodrigo Candido da Silva the Java EE presence was very strong this year. There were Java EE centric talks on JAX-RS, OAuth, cloud, Java EE 7 and Java EE 8.

I personally delivered two sessions on JMS 2 and testing Java EE applications with Arquillian in addition to a couple of lighting talks on Java EE 8/Adopt-a-JSR as well as Domain-Driven Design (DDD)/Cargo Tracker. More details on the sessions and ConFoo, including slide decks, videos and code, posted on my personal blog.

Tuesday Jan 17, 2012

Java EE testing with GlassFish and modern frameworks

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Integration testing of Java EE developments is an important topic both Markus Eisele and Antonio Goncalves have recently covered in respective blogs.

Both use GlassFish and Arquillian while Antonio shows different testing approaches and also throws Mockito into the mix.


On the same topic, I'd recommend reading Adam Bien's OTN article from last September and if you can read French, you might also find this JavaEE Testing presentation of interest.