Thursday Apr 12, 2007

JVantage now support GlassFish

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JVantage is a new visual Web Application Development tool that can quickly build a Java EE application from a database description and their latest release (announcement) supports GlassFish and Derby.

The JVantage site includes a functionality overview through a flash screencast, a good wiki site, a Roadmap and Forums.

Sunday Mar 12, 2006

AppFuse working with b40 of GlassFish

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Vince reports that AppFuse Works with b40 without having to modify the Security Manager. The situation should have improved for other frameworks that have assumed no security manager. Please Report on Any Problems with popular applications and frameworks.

More information on AppFuse is available at their Wiki Site.

Update: Check also Vince's Integration of AppFuse and NetBeans.

Thursday Feb 09, 2006

Popular Frameworks and Applications on GlassFish

This entry is now obsolete; please check the more complete List of Frameworks and Applications.

Below are the latest known reports on popular frameworks and applications running on GlassFish. Please send updates to theaquarium at sun dot com:

Honeycombs being processed by bees

Wicket, IBatis
Jive, WebWork, OpenSymphony
Equinox, AppFuse, Spring and Hibernate, PostgreSQL
JSPWiki, Pluto, Roller, Blojsom
Blueprints with AJAX components
NetBeans, Creator 2, JConsole

The biggest source of problems is that many applications & frameworks seem to assume no security manager