Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Jersey Improvements - Tracing and Google AppEngine Support

Jersey is the JAX-RS Reference Implementation but also is fully production quality component of GlassFish v3, and includes many features (Jersey@TA) to expand its usefulness.  Paul just reported on two recent additions:

• The Addition of Tracing - borrowing the concept from Stapler, Jersey now permits tracing mesages via a system property to help understand why requests are matched and dispatched.
• Adjustments to the implementation so Jersey can be Used with Google's AppEngine, despite the limitations in that container.

JAX-RS was one of the first JavaEE 6 specifications approved, with 1.0 approved back in September 2008 (see JCP Vote Table).  The version included in JavaEE 6 is a recent maintenance release, JAX-RS 1.1, and Jersey has benefited from all this burn-in time.  Enjoy!

Thursday Jul 09, 2009

Google AppEngine and NetBeans ... and Mojarra / JSF


There is a new project at Kenai: NBAppEngine. As the name suggests, this is intended to provide a NetBeans plugin for the Google AppEngine. Check the introductory writeups by Petr and Geertjan; check it out, and consider helping out.

On a related topic, I noticed that Mojarra 1.2.13 now has "support" for Google AppEngine; see ChangeLog.

Now, if we could only get them to Support JPA Properly...