Thursday Sep 14, 2006

GlassFish Build Announcements via RSS

Duke for Project GlassFish - V2

We have stopped advertising the promotions of the weekly builds of Project GlassFish because is was extra work and there already was a perfectly useful mechanism: the project Announcements. So, if you want to find out about weekly builds, point your RSS reader to the Announcement Feed.

If you don't want or don't have an RSS reader, check the HTML version. The feed also shows in the front page of the GlassFish Community Wiki and we probably should inject it, via Feedburner as a side bar into TheAquarium and the project home page.

We will continue to announce the Milestone builds as they are important announcements and we want to encourage their use for Continuous Improvements. Stay tuned for GF V2 Milestone 2, we are currently in feature freeze and the plan is for a release in two weeks.

Friday Jun 09, 2006

Guidelines for GlassFish v1 UR1

Railroad Switch

Jerome describes the technical details of GlassFish v1 UR 1. He describes goals (limited, bug fixes, alignment with tools), release vehicle (tools and web download), tentative release schedule (around September?), checking guidelines (only approved bugs) and bug handling (fix bugs in trunk first, then backport).

GlassFish v1 UR1 has limited goals; most new activity will go into GF v2, which is the main trunk. We will endeavor to keep GF v2 stable enough that it is useable through its development cycle.

Thursday Feb 02, 2006

NetBeans 5.0 is out


There is a lot of buzz out there about the release of NetBeans 5 and the NB Mobility Pack, so I'll just point a few blogs out: jag, jTreacy, JClingan, Tim. Download site is here.

GlassFish has a natural affinity to NB as they bundle our distribution, and I know what is happening and how it relates to GF, but if somebody wants to help highlighting the Eclipse/GlassFish connections, drop me a line.