Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

Ajax table, dojo, RESTful Web Services. GlassFish powered.

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Carol McDonald has already covered in nice details building various applications with GlassFish, Spring, EJB 3, Groovy, Grails, JPA, Comet, and more. This time, she explains the steps involved in building a Dojo dynamic table (Dojo Grid) talking to a JPA-enabled RESTful web service.

Beyond the use of the Dojo toolkit itself, Carol discusses building the grid data model based on an interaction with a JAX-RS (Jersey) back-end serving JSON data. This data is grabbed from a database using JPA.

Full code source is provided.

Saturday Jun 21, 2008

Bindows, Adds Comet and GlassFish to JSF and AJAX Support


Bindows was one of the first AJAX toolkits and they have just announced Comet support on their BindowsFaces product, a JSF library. Comet is supported through an adaptor interface and Bindows includes one standard adaptor - that for GlassFish Server.

See Bindows Blog Entry and Comet Daily for the announcement. For more on BindowsFaces check the How to Use and Documentation Pages.

Bindow's parent company, MB Technologies, recently joined the Sun Partner Program for GlassFish and should be in our Partner Showcase very soon.

Bringing Comet to the Masses - Atmosphere


I was going to wait until late next week, but I see that JFA's interview at InfoQ is out and the website is visible so no reason to wait. JFA's "free time" left by Alexey's lead role on Grizzly 2.0 is going to be reinvested into a Atmosphere a new project in the GlassFish Community that will focus on Comet.

The project is just starting; the InfoQ article seems roughly accurate although some goal fine-tuning is still happening. I expect JFA will provide a more detailed description in a future blog entry.

Friday Jun 20, 2008

Sip plus "Ajax Push" demo on SailFin.

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Ted and ICEfaces team has put together a demo showcasing "AJAX Push" and SIP communication. The demo is about setting up a call between sip phones of two users from a web browser. The web page gets updated with the details of the users as soon as the sip phone is registered (or unregistered) with the demo SIP application in SailFin.

The demo is packaged as a SipServlet archive (.sar) file and can be directly deployed into sailfin by dropping into the autodeploy directory. The full source code of the demo is available in the svn repository. There is also an one minute video podcast of the demo.

Examples of more converged applications on SailFin are available in the SailFin samples page and also here and here.

Thursday Apr 17, 2008

jMaki Events tech tip available

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The latest SDN Enterprise Tech Tips instalment covers jMaki and more specifically its events sub-system. The Publish/Subscribe Mechanism provides the glue required to have visual and non-visual components share data when events are triggered. Both declarative and programmatic events are available.

The Tech Tip comes with a detailed discussion and full source code.

Friday Feb 22, 2008

Enabling Comet Support in GlassFish

Photo of Comet West

Jean Francois (Mr Grizzly) has been working on Comet for quite a while, and it is good to see his perseverance rewarded. GlassFish v2 has Comet support and, although the API will not be standarized until Servlet 3.0, you can use it today.

JFA's Latest Writeup explains how to enable Comet, and provides pointers to several sample applications including a jMaki example, a chat program, ICEfaces and DWR examples.

BTW, I don't remember if I metioned that we started an Engineering Services. Comet seems a good match for that, so if you are interested, drop an email to JFA. And stay tuned for more articles.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

NOTD - Comet and Grizzly slides posted

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Jean-François "Grizzly" Arcand has posted two slide decks he used last month during his European tour :

• Grizzly (covers basics, use in GlassFish V3, and the recent 1.7 release)
• Comet, aka Ajax Push (if you ask Jean-François, it's the best thing since slided bread, and who knows, he may be right :)

Sunday Nov 25, 2007

DWR Reverse AJAX with GlassFish

DWR Logo

Last year we had described how to use DWR (Direct Web Remoting) with GlassFish (check the relevant entries); now JFA shows how to do Reverse AJAX using DWR and GlassFish, via Grizzly.

It is as simple as:

Download GlassFish and install it. See instruction here. Download dwr.war % cd ${glassfish.home}/bin % ./asadmin set % Start (or restart) GlassFish % ./asadmin deploy /path/to/dwr.war

Details at JFA's entry. Added: Also check the corresponding entry at Comet Daily.

Friday Oct 26, 2007

Grizzly Comet and IceFaces

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Since this previous post showing early work on integrating ICEFaces and GlassFish v2, version 1.6.1 of ICEFaces 1.6.1 was released with support for GlassFish v2 (see ICEfaces Deployment Instructions for SUN Glassfish V2).

This time, Ted blogs about preliminary integration between ICEFaces' AJAX Bridge and Grizzly Comet, leveraging its asynchronous request processing (ARP) implementation to provide better scalability with many connected clients.

This requires pre-releases of both ICEFaces (1.7DR2) and GlassFish (v2.1ur1). Jean-François' related post explains how to integrate the more recent Grizzly 1.0.18 into GlassFish v2 in you do not wish to use a v2.1 UR1 promoted build.

Tuesday Sep 25, 2007

JackBe's Presto on GlassFish

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Deepak at JackBe reports that Presto Edge the server side of JackBe's Mashup Server runs fine on GlassFish.

Check out the details at Deepak's blog

Presto comes out of the box with Apache Tomcat; I hope one day this type of apps will come with a version of GlassFish (v3)...

jMaki 1.0 is Out

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Breaking News: NEWS.

• jMaki 1.0 is out - check out the announcements from Ludo and Greg.
• You can download it here; soon at the Update Center near you.

Saturday Sep 15, 2007

jMaki.COM Up and Running

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Latest jMaki NEWS.

• From Greg: jMaki 1.0 is Fast Approaching.
• And, to celebrate, jMaki.COM is now available.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

News: jMaki + JavaFX @ The Rich Web Experience 2007

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News tip from Arun:
jMaki + JavaFX @ The Rich Web Experience 2007

Monday Jul 23, 2007

End-to-End Tracing of Ajax Applications Using DTrace

Magnifying Glass from the "Vista Icons" Collection

There are lots of options for tracing web applications. But suppose you need a holistic view, such as a combined trace of the server-side Java and client-side JavaScript in an Ajax app. You might expect your options to drop to zero. Well, they don't.

DTrace can handle it. The Mozilla DTrace Project provides DTrace probes for Firefox's JavaScript engine, and recent versions of the JVM have built-in probes. Amit's latest article shows how to put these together to trace an Ajax application. It produces a true end-to-end picture, with traces flowing across the client/server boundary.

Saturday Jul 21, 2007

Faster Loading of Woodstock Components

Picture of Woodstock character from Peanuts

Want to spice up your webapp with some AJAX widgets? Maybe a sortable table? An expandable tree? Or a controllable progress bar?

Then check out Project Woodstock. It provides JSF components which implement all of these widgets and more. Plus, it just got faster.

Previously, Woodstock components were sending a lot of large JavaScript files to clients. The team realized this was a problem--pushing up load times and memory consumption. Their solution? Use smaller files, and less of them. So they now compress the JavaScript, avoid using separate template files, and make just one call for each widget's JavaScript (where previously there were too). See Venky's writeup for details.