Sunday May 08, 2011

3.1.1 promoted builds now include AIX archives

GlassFish 3.1.1 is well on it way with 4 promoted builds already out, including AIX support.

If you have an AIX system handy, please give it a try, it's meant to be a very stable build (3.1.1 will be very highly compatible with 3.1) and provide feedback. Issues should be filed with the appropriate 3.1.1_b0x "Affects Version".


With the exception of Mac OS, this is a (server) operating system where the JVM is not provided by Oracle but rather by IBM which makes it certainly more challenging but at the same time a very good exercise to demonstrate and improve the portability of the GlassFish codebase.

Monday Oct 08, 2007

NOTD - GlassFish on AIX

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As explained in this wiki page, support for the AIX operating system is one of the major goals. Some people have offered testing on AIX.

If you're interested in testing it as well, AIX nightly downloads are here.