Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

GlassFish and Friends in Health Industry - Sun, Afga and ICW Launch Open eHealth

Open eHealth Logo

Afga, ICW and Sun have launched the Open eHealth initiative to leverage Open Source in the Health industry.

Open eHealth's goal is to create a community-driven software development platform to speed up the digitization of the healthcare industry, with emphasis on delivering interoperable, standards-based solutions.

The service components will extend existing open source projects such as OpenESB, Glassfish, OpenSSO and Mural. More details in the Press Release and at the Open eHealth WebSite.

The big shift in the IT industry created by Open Source is accelerating. I have a biased perspective, but I strongly believe that Sun's strengths, size, and position will allow it to capitalize on and speed up the transition to this brave new world. I've a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore....