Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

GlassFish + Wicket + Hudson + OpenSolaris + X2100 =

ALT DESCR is a nice GlassFish adoption story. János Cserép started this local community site back in 2006 and it has grown very nicely: Webreklam reports 250K pageviews/month and 15K unique users/month in a city of 30K! The technology set includes GlassFish v3, Sun Web Server, Apache Wicket, Hudson, OpenSolaris and Sun Fire X2100.

For more details, check out the Adoption Story, the Full Questionnaire and János Presentation.

Saturday Feb 07, 2009

Latest GlassFish Download Statistics


In Dec '08 we had 175,849 downloads directly through the SDK bundles plus an additional 531,019 through the tool bundles, for a grand total of 706,868. In Jan'09 we had 178,494 SDK d/ls; the tools statistics are not yet available. These are very good numbers as Nov/Dec are usually slow months.

Check here for more details. Related entries are tagged adoption.

Monday Feb 02, 2009

Continuous Integration - Needs and Solutions, a Report from Fontys University


Georg Fleischer at Fontys University has published a Report on the Continuous Integration. The 34-page report discusses the needs from users and how different products address them and provides good material for both users and tool authors.

In total 12 products are discussed, including all the usual candidates. The methodology seems reasonable, although a bit Europe-heavy. Hudson comes up very well in the comparisons and it is #2 in adoption, close behind the much older CruiseControl project.

Added - Also check Kohsuke's post on this topic, which includes a pointer to the CruiseControl downloads at Source Forge (live, snapsthot) that can be compared against Hudson's.

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

First Hudson Usage Survey


Kohsuke has published the first Hudson Usage Report. Plenty of good material there; some highlights...

• Number of Hudson instances - 13K (anybody has any data for other CIs?)
• % of Hudson's with a single machine - 87%
• Most popular plugins - findbugs, warnings, checkstyle
• JVM used - 65% JDK6, 32% JDK5
• Top OS used - Windows, Linux, Solaris

We want to learn more about the current use of Hudson to plan the future roadmap; this automated survey is just one of several ways to collect this information.

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Rakuten - GlassFish Use in Japanese Online Company


An outcome of the recent trip by Kohsuke to Japan was last week's Adoption Story with Ratuken (Home, Wikipedia) one of the largest internet companies in the world - their site is currently ranked by Alexa as #62 Worldwide and #5 in Japan.

The Adoption Story (english, japanese) and the detailed Questionnaire with Rakuten's Chief Engineer (Chihiro Miura) (english, japanese) provide more details, including their development OS (Debian), deployment OS (RHEL), database (MySQL 5), frameworks (iBatis, Struts, Spring), and IDE (NetBeans). Rakuten's use of GF is small but the first deployments are always the hardest and hopefully others will follow.

Japan has a great community of developers and I'm looking forward to our growth in that geography.

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Clarity Accounting provides Online Accounting with GlassFish, Hibernate, GWT and 3Tera

Our 36th Adoption Story comes from Vancouver thanks to Arun:


Clarity Accounting provides an SAAS online accounting service using GlassFish Server. The implementation uses multiple OSS components including Hibernate, PostreSQL and GWT and the service is deployed on 3Tera AppLogic Grid (3Tera is a GlassFish Technology Partner).

See Questionnaire for full details. Clarity Accounting went live in September 2008 and their site looks like a well-cared small business; it was created by one person over 12 months (6 part-time) - I love to see the way we are enabling these small business to appear. See Questionnaire for full details.

For more adoption stories, check our Informal Stories. We are always looking for stories showcasing production use as these are critical to the growth of our community. If you are a happy user please consider sharing your story by sending us mail to stories at sun dot com.

Thursday Dec 18, 2008

No Statisticians were Harmed in Making this Graph - Extrapolating GlassFish Trends


I felt like a break so I took the latest Google Trend on searches on GlassFish, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss (live, archived) and tried to apply a smooth curve on it. No statisticians were harmed in eye-balling these graphs... but the cross-overs are WebLogic - 2010 and WebSphere and JBoss - 2012.

If a Statistics-savy guys wants to give it a try please let me know what you get :-)

We are in the middle of a substantial upswing on the GF; the world economy "troubles" seem to be accelerating our adoption significantly so I suspect the data will become much clearer in a few months.

Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Sun OpenSSO Enterprise in Gartner's Magic Quadrant - And on GlassFish v3 Prelude


Gartner recently released the Nov 2008 report on Web Access Management and Sun is now listed in the leader's quadrant (see image). This is good news, both as a recognition of our efforts and also because some customers use the Magic Quadrant to evaluate the viability of some vendors.

Sun's product in this space is OpenSSO 8 Enterprise - the commercial distribution of OpenSSO. The product version runs on GFv2 but it can also be used on GFv3 prelude; just need this small workaround :-) Of course it will be fixed in the final v3.

There's been quite a bit of activity around OpenSSO; other recent news include connectivity to SalesForce, and to SugarCRM, Using simpleSAMLphp, and even a .Net prototype. If you want to track all OpenSSO news, you may want to check SuperPat (Pat Patterson) and Smoking Monkey (Daniel Raskin).

Sunday Dec 14, 2008

New Grails Tutorial - And Other Grails and Groovy Adoption


NetBeans continues to add support for Groovy and Grails as well as new tutorials. Check the Intro to Groovy, the NetBeans.TV Screencast and the new Introduction to Grails (thanks to Charles for the tip).

Since Groovy fits very easily into Java it is easy to use with GlassFish: see Alexis' Zero to Grails in 5 and the GFv3 Prelude Docs. Also check out GroovyBlogs - Glen Smith has been running it on GlassFish v2 (Netcraft Report) for several months.

There is a clear resurgence of scripting on JVM and Groovy was very popular at Devoxx last week (see Sven's photo of the Whiteboard) - with the usual note on Sampling Errors! Related entries at TheAquarium are tagged scripting.

Friday Dec 12, 2008

OpenSSO at Telenet for Fine-Grained Access Control


Our latest Adoption Story comes from Belgium thanks to SuperPat. Telenet (home, wikipedia) is the largest supplier of broadband cable services in Belgium. They needed fine-grained access control for internal applications and ACA-IT provided it through OpenSSO. See Questionnaire for full details.

For more adoption stories, check our Informal Stories. We are always looking for stories showcasing production use as these are critical to the growth of our community. If you are a happy user please consider sharing your story by sending us mail to stories at sun dot com.

Uncle Bob and Other Hudson Fans


Uncle Bob is one of the grand names in Agile Development... and he is also now a Hudson fan -see the comments and his Screencast (thanks to Eric for the tip).

Another fan is James Governor (from RedMonk); check his addendum on Hudson at the end of his Advice to Sun; he also reports that Dan @ Adobe is another fan.

And still more fans... check this Snapshot of a Whiteboard taken by Alexis earlier this week - Hudson is the #1 choice. Nice!

Are you a fan too? If so, vote for Hudson at the SOA Readers' Choice - as of right now Rational Functional Tester is #1 (see here for some background to how this happened).

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

Last Call for Readers Choice 2008


One last call for your help with the Reader's Choice Poll, which has been extended until Dec 31st.

Our projects have been doing very well and we had a 2x factor margin shown early on (see Aug 31st report). We maintained that margin until early this week when all the IBM projects showed a huge jump in votes. I see we have started closing the gap again but we are still behind in several categories.

Please consider voting for your favorite project(s), and help us spread the word around about the poll. The GlassFish-related projects inlude GlassFish, Hudson, OpenESB, NetBeans, Metro, OpenSSO, JAXP, Portal and Java CAPS.

Tuesday Dec 09, 2008

Deslatech - Integration for Brazilian Hospitals


Thanks to Arun for our latest Adoption Story: Deslatech is an SI located in Brazil that has built a fairly typical EAI application for Kitmed, a logistics operator in the hospital/warehousing space.

The application uses OpenESB, OpenMQ and the GlassFish Server. Check out the details of the story at our Stories blog and at the Detailed Questionnaire.

Deslatech is our 34th entry in our (informal) Stories series. Some informal stories eventually "graduate" to Sun's Formal Customer Reference Site - like with Wotif.Com. If you are a happy user of GlassFish and want to contribute back to the community, please consider sharing your story. Contact us at stories at sun dot com.

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

260K GlassFish v2 Registrations and other Adoption Indicators


Paul has pushed out a new GeoMap with the data updated through November 2008. We also have updated registration numbers and new Update Center pings. Here is a summary of the numbers:

GFv2 Registrations - 261,506; up from 150K on July 14 and 200K on Sept 25.
GFv3 Prelude Registrations - 17,548
Admin Pings - 5,217,927 hits from 487,897 different IPs
Update Center pings - 113,208 in October, total is 493,193 users

The usual disclaimers about how each of these metrics has a flaw or another, but also the usual comment that all the indicators are pointing the same way: up.

Friday Nov 28, 2008

What Should Sun Do with GlassFish...


I think Tim's was the First Post with (free) advice on the direction that Sun should take, but many others have followed since; enough that Dave decided to track them via a Delicious Tag.

No consensus in the recommendations but quite a few mention GlassFish (most on the positive, but some negative, but the spelling is right) - and James Governor even makes an special mention of Hudson.

In general, GlassFish seems to have benefit quite a bit from extra attention (and the global financial squeeze) in the last few weeks; check out the google search trend: snapshot, live.

Interesting times indeed! (regardless of whether that is a Chinese Curse).