Thursday May 07, 2009

OpenSSO Fedlet Wins 'Best Innovation Award'


The OpenSSO Fedlet has received an Awards at the European Identity Conference for (providing) a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Some more details in SuperPat's writeup, including an interview with Pat.

Congratulations to the OpenSSO team and thanks to Jacki and Dan for the tips.

Sunday May 03, 2009

A Hudson Release Milestone and New CLI with Groovy Support


Two weeks ago Hudson reached release 1.300 (yep, three hundred releases, and the latest is already 1.303!) and Kohsuke wrote a short Commemoration Post summarizing some of the accomplishments. By all metrics the project is doing very well: I'll argue that Hudson is now the leading CI tool, the traffic on USERS@Hudson is over 1200/month and the project is very well grounded in the community with over 140 committers.

As adoption continues to grow, Kohsuke is adjusting the community releases to increase stability and we are working to deliver supported releases and other features from Sun soon. And, all along, the number of plugins and features will continue to grow, including a new CLI features that can be used to Provide a Groovy Shell.

So, here is a toast to Kohsuke's baby, may it Live Long and Prosper, may it continue to grow and reach many more releases and users. And we hope to see you all at the UnConference, and at CommunityOne and JavaOne

Saturday May 02, 2009

GlassFish Adoption Trends - Rumors? No! Just Easter


I track the GlassFish Adoption Trends so when I noticed a drop last month I assumed it was related to the IBM Rumor and the Oracle Announcement. But the drop became a dip (Google, archive; Indeed, archive) and, on more careful inspection this seems to be a seasonal effect, probably Easter.

The preliminary download numbers for the month show similar data, a bit less than the record-breaking March but strong general growth.

Finally, on the sales side, Slide 5 in the Q3FY09 Results shows 101% Y/Y growth for Middleware + MySQL. We do not provide additional data but annecdotally I know of deals that have accelerated on the latest news, not slowed down.

Overall, all the indicators are good. We have a great team and we are working very well together (like that other great team) and we are looking forward to our future challenges.

Friday May 01, 2009

Stories Reaches 50 - Verizon, ADP, Webzzle and Xerox Global Services

Thanks to Arun, Alexis and Pat, we have now crossed 50 entries in our Adoption Stories:


ADP - Payroll, Time Management and more on GlassFish.
Webzzle - GlassFish mixing WikiPedia and Google together.
Xerox Global Services - French group switching from Tomcat to GlassFish.
Verizon - A very large (more than 40M!) OpenSSO deployment.

We are always interested in your adoption stories; contact us at stories at sun dot com.

Sunday Apr 26, 2009

844K Downloads of GlassFish in March 2009


March was a very good month for GlassFish downloads:

• 250,756 downloads of the SDK-only distributions - new record!;
• 593,521 additional downloads via NetBeans, for a total of
• 844,277 total downloads in March.

We previously reported that March delivered a new GeoMap record.

Full details in GF March Download Report. Related queries are tagged adoption

Added - March was also a record month for registrations, with 30,551 GFv2 and 18,338 GFv3 registrations; I'll do a more complete post next week, when I'll also cover April.

Sunday Apr 19, 2009

VirtualBox 2.2.0 Now Available

Sun released VirtualBox 2.2.0 on the 8th, two weeks ago and I started playing with it right then but only now I've had the time to write an entry now. This is a major release that includes support for OVF and performance and usability improvements; full details are available in the ChangeLog. This release has had Extensive Coverage; check out Andy's Overview and his Radio Show on the topic (Slides).


VirtualBox is gaining adoption very fast - check the Google Trends (archive). VBox claims 11M d/ls, with more than 25K/day (somewhat less than GF) and 3.5M registrations (that's outstanding). VBox 2.2 is only 50MB and easy to get started, so download it and take it for a test drive.

I'm trying to arrange a presentation for our GlassFish TV Webinars where we can explore the synergies between the projects; in the meantime see the VBox Documentation Wiki, the User Manual and many Blogs at BSC, including this Advanced Set from VirtualGuru.

OpenSSO Hits 1000 Members


OpenSSO reached 1000 members last week. As I mentioned in my blog entry at Superpatterns, this means that 1000 people have registered at to be able to participate in the mailing lists and forums, and to be able to file and track issues.

OpenSSO is on a real upward trend right now, with a whole bunch of events over the next few weeks, at the RSA Conference, MySQL Conference, European Identity Conference and more. See my blog entry for details, and come along if you can!

Saturday Apr 04, 2009

GeoMaps - Another Month, Another Record...


Paul has updated our Geomap to include data through March 2009 and it is another record month. A first pass at registrations and downloads numbers also look equally good.

Monthly Admin Pings - 555,486 (new record)
Monthly Admin Pings - 50,685 distinct IPs (new record)
Cumulative Admin Pings - 7,587,990 from 628,520 different IPs

More details on the other metrics when I double-check the numbers.

See other posts tagged Geomap.

Sunday Mar 29, 2009

JBoss News - CXF and Sacha

Two news pieces related to JBoss that are relevant to GF readers.


JBoss has announced that it has chosen Apache CXF as its main web services stack. My tally is (please send me corrections):

Metro - GlassFish, WLS, Sun's JDK, IBM's JDK, TMaxsoft, a few other JavaEE licensees.
CXF - Geronimo 2 (shared with Axis2), MuleSource, JBoss
Axis2 - Geronimo 2 (shared with Axis2)
Axis - WAS (?)

And Sacha announces his departure from Red Hat. Enjoy the actively doing nothing part!

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Hudson, Bazaar, Drizzle and OpenGrok - And OSS Software Adoption Inside a Corporation


What is the connection between OpenGrok, Drizzle and Bazaar? Hudson, the Continuous Integration system. Check out Jorgen's writeup describing his Presentation on using Hudson with OpenGrok, and Trond's note on Bazaar Plugin, used with Drizzle Builds.

Another connection is that Trond and Jorgen work in Sun's DataBase group in Trondheim, and you might think that is how they discovered Hudson, except that in a large, distributed, company, Open Source products often get adopted without any direct internal communication. Actually, in an internal recent presentation on Drizzle Brian was telling me about this great CI tool called Hudson! :-)

Friday Mar 20, 2009

Record GeoMap Hits and 350K GFv2 Registrations


Paul has updated our Geomap to include data through February 2009. Some statistics:

GF v2 Registrations - 351,130 (260K in Dec 4th, 200K in Sep 25th, 150K in Jul 14th).
  Monthly hits was new high: 493,515; IPs was 2nd high: 45,559 (but Feb has 28d)
GF v3 Prelude Registrations - 74,257.
Admin Pings - 7,031,225 from 596,985 different IPs
Update Center Pings - 117,552 in February (new high); total of 715,579 users.

The usual disclaimer: these metrics have flaws but they all show strong growth.

See other posts tagged Geomap.

Sunday Mar 15, 2009

649,296 Downloads in Feb 2009


We recorded 649,296 d/ls of GlassFish Server last month (192,776 SDK d/ls plus 456,520 Tools d/ls); about 28K downloads each day. More details, including a comparison with JBoss's public numbers, in my note.

The adoption for GlassFish is going very well and follows the model described by Jonathan ([1], [2, [3]). You can read about some of our Adoption Stories, or drop by EBC or elsewhere, for more details.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

JavaEE and Rails Drive our Latest GlassFish Stories: MidwifeMate and Involver

Two more adoption stories; they both use GFv2 and MySQL Server, but while one is a traditional Java EE story, the other is a Rails App ported from Mongrel.


MidwifeMate is a pretty traditional GlassFish adoption: they liked the JavaEE compliance, the ease of use of GlassFish and the multi-platform support.

The MidwifeMate application spans the web tier (JSF/Facelets), EJBs and JPA. They use Hibernate talking to a MySQL Server and develop on Eclipse using the GlassFish Eclipse Plugin. For more details check the adoption story and the Questionnaire


In contrast, looks like a Rails app because it is, except that it is running on GlassFish through JRuby. The application can been developed originally for a pack of mongrels but the team felt this "deployment strategy wasn't an efficient use of resources, both human and machine." and explored using JRuby. GlassFish was chosen because of Sun's commitment to JRuby and the overlap between the two communities. uses OpenMQ via JMS in JRuby Rack, as well as MySQL via JDBC. They are currently using GFv2 but looking forward to GFv3. For more details, check the Adoption story and the Questionnaire.

Monday Feb 16, 2009

A Recession, the Year-End, a Launch, Geographies - GlassFish Google Trends


Check out the Google search trend on GlassFish (snapshot)! The last spike is from our recent announcement and the deep valley is a deeper-than-usual end-of-year break.

The overall GlassFish trend continues to be positive. Comparing GF and JBoss provides some relative geographic data; comparing different data points ([1], [2], [3]) shows an improvement but some geographies deserve more attention.

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Metro and Jersey - At Microsoft and O'Reilly


Metro, the Web Services stack, is one of the main components in GlassFish. One of its key benefits is excellent WebServices interoperability with the Microsoft stack, leveraging our relationship with MS. A consequence is showings in informal publications from Microsoft, like mszCool's Plans for 2009 and Identity Interoperability as well as in formal Federated Identity and Healthcare in the MS's The Architecture Journal.

On a related note, O'Reilly has published Java Web Services: Up and Running - A quick, practical, and thorough introduction where Martin Kalin covers SOAP and RESTful Web Services in Java using Metro and Jersey.

For WebServices discussions, check out our Forum, and the mailing lists USERS@Metro and USERS@Jersey. Although we consider Jersey a piece of Metro - we love SOAP and REST equally :-) and the two parts are intended to mesh together - we are maintaining two mailing lists as the audiences tend to be disjoint.