Saturday Dec 16, 2006

GlassFish v2 M3 Now Available

Milestone 3 for GlassFish v2 (aka v2b28) is now available for download, following M1 and M2. This release includes many new features and improvements; some of them are:

Duke Let's get goiing

 • Profile support (developer, enterprise, cluster)
 • Initial Update Center Support.
 • JSR-196 Public Draft.
 • WS Interoperability (WSIT) Functionality Integrated.
 • JBI Support Integrated.
 • Partial Implementation of in-memory replication.
 • Dynamic clustering from Shoal.
 • Optimized ORB Integrated.
 • Improved Startup Architecture.
 • Improved Web Tier: Comet, virtual hosting, in memory JSP compilation, port unification.
 • CLI improvements (including DWIM).
 • JSF used in the Admin GUI.

More details in the GF v2 M3 Highlights page. Expect a few additions before the beta in February, but most of the functionality is already in this milestone. Download it here and let us know how it works for you.

Wednesday Oct 11, 2006

Clusters and Domains in GlassFish V2

Duke Says: Let's Going!

GlassFish V2 is adding the remaining Enterprise-Quality features into the Open Source Project GlassFish. For Milestone 2 that means improved clustering installation and administration, and these revolve around the concept of a Domain.

Two good overviews of Domains are Shreedhar's recent entry and Kedar's earlier blog. More TA entries on the subject are here. Cluster installation has also been incorporated into the quickstart guide. Finally, the GlassFish V2 Architecture Page has more details.

Friday Sep 15, 2006

Status of Load Balancer Administration in GlassFish V2

The GlassFish User Experience group is going through a number of topics to improve the usability of GlassFish. The meetings are open (like this one), minutes are posted, and then we hope action is taken :-).

A Balance Scale

Two weeks ago Satish presented on Load Balancing Administration (Minutes). After that he wrote two blogs describing Installing Load Balancer using the (APS) Installer and on Updating and Monitoring HTTP Load Balancer, and now has a Summarized the status of LB Administration. There is also a new Load Balancer Home Page.

We hope all of this helps with Load Balancing ease of use, but send mail to the USERS mailing list if you have feedback to share.