Friday Apr 19, 2013

Hacking GlassFish 4 Builds

Ever wanted to contribute code to GlassFish or just hack around for fun (and maybe for profit) - especially with GlassFish 4 and Java EE 7? The first step is checking out the GlassFish 4 source code and doing a local build. Java Champion Peter Pilgrim shows you how...

In a recent blog entry, Peter details how to check out the GlassFish 4 source code, tweak the build artifacts, run a local build and use it. Enjoy - happy hacking!

If you just want to use the promoted builds, this post explains how.

Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Glassfish 4 on Ubuntu Touch

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to most of us that a Java application server can run on a small/mobile device. Now it seems almost passé. Many of you have probably at least passingly heard about running GlassFish on the Raspberry Pi. Mike Croft took things a step further and ran GlassFish 4 on Ubuntu Touch.

In a recent entry on the C2B2 blog, Mike goes through the steps of installing Ubuntu, installing Java and installing/running GlassFish. Pretty cool read if you are a gadget fiend!

Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

FishCAT: GlassFish 4 Community Acceptance Testing

GlassFish 4 is under development now and will be released along with Java EE 7 in a few months. We need your help in testing the nightly and promoted builds of GlassFish. This is an opportunity to significantly influence the quality of GlassFish as well as to provide early feedback on stability, functionality, and usability through testing early builds.

The complete list of features and the lightweight process to join FishCAT is explained here.

Any amount of testing is helpful. It can be anywhere from 1 hr/week to as much time as you can spare. You can help test installation, docs, new functionality, running your existing applications on the latest build, or any thing else that would make you successful on GlassFish in the near future. Bugs filed by FishCAT participants will be evaluated ahead of other bugs. And there is a potential to be highlighted on, during the official Java EE launch and elsewhere.

26 people have already signed up and 35 bugs have been filed so far.

You know your voice is important to us, so please do make yourself heard.

Wednesday Mar 06, 2013

Downloading Latest GlassFish 4 Promoted

With the Java EE 7 release date getting closer and closer, this is a great time to download the promoted versions of GlassFish and start experimenting with the new APIs. Most of the Java EE 7 APIs have been at least partially integrated already. The URL to get the promoted builds is: Don't get too overwhelmed by the directory - besides every promoted GlassFish zip, it also has artifacts like the Java EE APIs, Javadocs, UNIX and Windows installers, web profile bundles, etc. The latest version of each artifact has the naming pattern 'latest-*', so the latest GlassFish zip is at: You should be able to use either NetBeans or Eclipse.

Besides the promoted builds, the nightly builds are available at this URL: Happy hacking! Drop me a note if you need help...

Monday Dec 24, 2012

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

We wish you Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year from the GlassFish team. We are very thankful to the GlassFish and broader Java community for your continued support. Although relatively uneventful, this has been an important year in terms of Oracle's continued commitment to move Java and GlassFish forward. SDTime's Alex Handy describes it quite eloquently here. We look forward to a great new year with the release of Java EE 7 and GlassFish 4.

Oracle created a pretty cool animation/cartoon with Duke and Tux getting into the Holiday spirit. Enjoy!

Monday Mar 22, 2010

Which Way From Here? GlassFish RoadMap


Do as Alice and ask one of our Cheshire cats about the roadmap for the open source GlassFish Server under the new Oracle ownership.

The first opportunity is Tuesday morning, at 9am PT, when Steve Harris will provide a short overview during his EclipseCon keynote. EclipseCon also has other opportunities.

Then, on Thursday at noon PT, I will dust off the old TheAquarium Online and will host a community meeting on the topic; check the GF.TV Wiki tomorrow for a confirmation on the concall information.

Replay / slide information will be made available afterwards at