Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

An Overview of EJB 3.2

Java EE 7 includes a minor update of the EJB API with EJB 3.2 (JSR 345). For those of you keeping track of the EJB spec the past few years, EJB 3.0 and EJB 3.1 were pretty big releases, so this release is really more about pruning dead branches, some tidying up and minor fixes. In a brief blog entry, long time EJB fan, JBoss AS committer and JavaRanch Sherriff Jaikiran Pai does a great job of overviewing the changes in EJB 3.2. He talks about the pruning of EJB 2.1 CMP/ EJB 2.1 BMP/EJB 2.1 client views/EJB QL/JAX-RPC, local asynchronous session bean invocations and non-persistent EJB Timer Service in EJB Lite, TimerService.getAllTimer(), the ability to disable passivation of stateful beans and much more.

If the article whets your appetite to learn more about EJB 3.2, you could download the actual proposed final draft and give it a read. With the removal of a lot of the older cruft, the core specification is now about 450 pages - which is still nothing to sneeze at but much better than it has been in the past.

Friday Apr 29, 2011

Latest podcast - GlassFish Voices

The latest episode (#73) of the GlassFish Podcast is out. It's a bit different from the other ones (mostly 1-1 interviews) since it has about 20+ participants.

These are Oracle employees working on GlassFish briefly sharing who they are, what they did for the recent 3.1 release and what they'll be up to for GlassFish 3.2 and related efforts.


I couldn't get to talk to every single engineer but I'm hoping this gives you a chance to hear the voice of the people that brought you GlassFish. You may get a glimpse at the upcoming and exciting 3.2 work too!