Tuesday Nov 22, 2011

Migrating from GlassFish 2.x to 3.1.x

With clustering now available in GlassFish since version 3.1 (our Spring 2011 release), a good number of folks have been looking at migrating their existing GlassFish 2.x-based clustered environments to a more recent version to take advantage of Java EE 6, our modular design, improved SSH-based provisioning and enhanced HA performance.


The GlassFish documentation set is quite extensive and has a dedicated Upgrade Guide. It obviously lists a number of small changes such as file layout on disk (mostly due to modularity), some option changes (grizzly, shoal), the removal of node agents (using SSH instead), new JPA default provider name, etc...

There is even a migration tool (glassfish/bin/asupgrade) to upgrade existing domains. But really the only thing you need to know is that each module in GlassFish 3 and beyond is responsible for doing its part of the upgrade job which means that the migration is as simple as copying a 2.x domain directory to the domains/ directory and starting the server with asadmin start-domain --upgrade.

Binary-compatible products eligible for such upgrades include Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Update 2 as well as version 2.1 and 2.1.1 of Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server.

Friday Jun 19, 2009

Learning JSF 2.0 - New Links, RefCards, Samples, JSF Fu...

Now that JSF 2.0 is Final and is is easily accessible in GFv3 Preview, it is a good time to learn more about it, so here is a set of useful links:


• The JSR 314 site (EG) has a link to the spec, the votes, etc.
• The (production ready) RI is available at the Mojarra page, but a better way is to...
• Use GlassFish v3 Preview, which includes samples, documentation and the Update Tool.
• The Mojarra site also includes the JavaDocs and the JSF DataSheet.
• Sun's JSF Technology page has multiple links, including the JSF 2.0 tutorial.
• From Cay, check out his DZone RefCard.
• From David Geary see his JSF Fu articles: part 1 and part 2.
• From Jim see his series on JSF features, including his additional JSF resources.
• From Ryan, his detailed Series on New Spec Features.

Also, all related TA entries are tagged JSF... And, please send us feedback on the spec or the implementation to help us with the Fit and Finish.

Saturday Jan 10, 2009

Implementation for Latest JSF 2.0 - Now in the Update Center


The JSF 2.0 team last month released an implementation of the new JSF 2.0 PRD (see JCP vote) and an updated JSF 1.2.11.

The releases are available at the GFv3 Update Center (see, e.g., Mac) and can be installed using the stand-alone UpdateTool or the Admin Console. Let us know if you encounter any problems.

This implementation has all PRD features including the Declarative Events described by Jason, but the EG is still working on additional features like state management. A few others, like bookmarkable URLs, are still being discussed and may or not make it.