More on SOA

John has 2 great blogs on SOA that are worth reading. He had the opportunity to talk to Ken Orr recently and John asked Ken about SOA. From John's blog One of the most promising aspects of SOA is that it brings the art of process design back into focus. In many cases, each service can serve as a step in a process, and BPEL can be used to describe the process itself. John also has published notes for a talk with real world IT users he was preparing in an attempt to...

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Scripting in Mustang and in NetBeans

It seems that scripting or dynamic lanugages are talked about more and more each day. Mustang is providing support for scripting lanuages in Java with new java.script API. Sundararajan has a blog on the some of the things he has tried with scripting in Java. NetBeans also has support for scripting using project coyote. I'm sure we're going to see lots of information in the coming weeks. I will post more later. Scripting, NetBeans, and JDK,

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Reminder: Use GlassFish, give feedback, win an iPod

The final build date for GlassFish is fast approaching and we would like to make as many improvements as we can. To provide an incentive to increase the volume of feedback, we thought we'd give away an iPod for writing bugs. See my blog for details on how you can win an Apple 20 GB iPod Photo MA079LL/A.

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Open Source Chips ?

Today Sun announced it has Open Sourced the UltraSPARC T1 (aka Niagara) chip design - that, I think is an industry first and a fairly profound change for the industry. The ramifications for other industries could be interesting too. Jim Grisanzio (Community Manager for OpenSolaris) has the full skinny. We've covered the Niagara chip on the Aquarium a couple of times - in the context of server-side Java performance (one of its sweet-spots in terms of work load). ,

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New way to build Frameworks?

Jacob starts out by asserting that most MVC frameworks today basically operate in 5 phases and start out using an HttpServlet or Filter. And then suggests that frameworks of the future may take advantage of features in Java EE 5 such as JSF and use the FacesServlet instead. He goes on to provide psuedo code of a simple Action framework using only the features of JSF it needs. It is pretty interesting idea and worth reading. JSF,

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Enterprise Application Client support in NetBeans

Enterprise application client are now supported in NetBeans 5.5. Why use Enterprise applications clients over a Java SE client? Petr's blog lists some of the advantages: It has access to a component-local java:comp/env JNDI space The client can handle remote access to J2EE connectors, meaning database connection pools, JMS, mail resources The container can handle the server login process Resources, EJB injection can be used.

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