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  • January 13, 2020

Summary of Community Retrospective on Jakarta EE 8 Release

Will Lyons
Senior Director, Product Management

One of the topics we will cover at the Jakarta EE Update call on January 15 at 11:00 a.m. EST (please use this meeting ID) is a retrospective on the Jakarta EE 8 release that was conducted by the Jakarta EE Steering Committee.  The process included including solicitation of input from contributors to specifications, implementers of specifications, users of specifications and those observing from the outside.   The goal of the retrospective was to collect feedback on the Jakarta EE 8 delivery process that can be turned into action items to improve our delivery of subsequent releases, and enable as much of the community to participate as possible.

The full retrospective document is published here.   Some of the retrospective highlights include:

1) Areas that went well

  • Excellent progress after clearing legal hurdles
  • Excellent press and analyst coverage
  • Livestream and Code One announcements went well. 

2) Areas for improvement

  • Spec process and release management
    • Jakarta EE 8 seemed mostly Oracle driven.   Need more visible participation from others.
    • Need better documentation on the spec process and related processes
    • Need to reduce the number of meetings required to get out the next release
  • Communications
    • Need to communicate what we are doing and the progress we have made more.
    • Review the approach to Jakarta EE update calls
    • Need more even engagement via social media from all Strategic members.
  • Organization
    • Clarify the roles of the various committees
  • Other/general
    • We need to understand the outside view of the box we (the Jakarta EE/Eclipse Foundation) live in, and communicate accordingly.
    • Need a clear roadmap

3) In response to this feedback, the Steering Committee plans to take the following actions:

  • Proactive communication of CY2020 Jakarta EE Working Group Program Plan
    • This plan itself addresses much of the feedback above
    • Recommend sharing it now
    • Share budgets when confirmed/approved

We have followed up on topic during the December 11 Jakarta EE Update call.

  • Proactive communication of the Jakarta EE 9 release plan
    • Addresses some feedback on near term issues (e.g. move to jakarta namespace)
    • Should be placed in context of post Jakarta EE 9 goals
    • Participate in Jakarta EE update call on Nov 13 (planned)
    • Share when approved by Steering Committee

We are following up in all of these areas, both soliciting input and communicating through Jakarta EE Update calls.   We expect to announce formal approval for the prelease plan after this week’s Spec Committee meeting.

  • Proactive communication of significant Jakarta EE initiatives in general
    • Build into any significant planning event

We are building this into planning for JakartaOne Livestream Japan on Feb. 26, and Cloud Native for Java Day in Amsterdam on March 30.

  • Review approach to Jakarta EE Update calls (request Eclipse Foundation staff to drive review).

Your feedback on this topic is welcome – what do you want included in these calls?

  • Communication from Specification Committee on plan for addressing retrospective findings above after appropriate review and consensus.

The Spec Committee has not done an independent review per se, but are making a strong effort in conjunction with the Jakarta EE Platform Project to communicate proactively about the direction of Jakarta EE 9.   Look for more information on Jakarta EE 9 this week.

The process of responding to our experiences and feedback is ongoing.    We hope to continue to hear from you, so that we can continue to improve our release process for the community.




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