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Source Bundles for GlassFish builds?

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Snapshot of GlassFish Forum at Java.Net

There is a Forum thread asking for
Sources for GlassFish Builds.
The sources for most of the GlassFish are available in multiple
projects at
but a consistent snapshot will make error reporting easier,
and asking for interested people to use CVS tags seems quite a bit of work...
The Mustang folks
deliver both as part of their
build bundles;
I'll check with several internal people and see if we can make this happen
as part of the regular process
for builds.

Check the
discussion thread.

Two separate follow-up questions.

(1) Why most?... just timing; there are a few projects
that had other urgent deliverables and have not yet moved the repositories to Java.Net, but they
will get there soon. And,

(2) Where are the source repositories? The sources are spread across
multiple projects for historical and practical purposes. I've started a Wiki Page to collect the
details and I'll post another blog when they are ready

Builds, Sources, ReportingErrors,

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  • bjb Monday, January 16, 2006
    Well, all we need is :
    #1 provide a snapshot of the source tree in a single zip (should be some configuration of any CVS web frontend).
    #2 add a new maven to generate a source consistent package (see http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-source-plugin/ ) or add a new ant task to do the same ...
    Then, it will ease our time so that we can simply plug the JAR in the Netbeans ;-)
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