SailFin CAFE Series at DZone

Binod has started a series at DZone on SailFin CAFE: • Fundamentals, Part I: CommunicationBeans and AgentsFundamentals, Part II: Communications and UserProcedures, w/ example SIP is heating up but the programming of (SIP+HTTP) Converged Applications remains too complicated; a good framework like SailFin CAFE, which runs on both SailFin and Oracles CCAS, would help a lot. Send feedback on CAFE to USERS@SailFin.

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SailFin CAFE b29 Now Available - Simplifying Converged Applications

Binod announced the promotion of b29 of SailFin CAFE the server-side Java framework on top of JSR 289 (SIP Servlet 1.1) for developing SIP or Converged applications. SailFin CAFE waslaunched last June and runs on SailFin and on Oracles CCAS. Key contributors to the team include Oracle and Ericsson's employees. Recent posts include, from Erik: User Procedures integrated in trunk and Using presence in CAFE, and, from Mohit, Call Forwarding in SailFin CAFE. You can download b29here...

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SailFin V2 webinar: February 3rd 2010

Today, February 3rd 2010, at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, Prasad is talking about SailFin V2 (Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0) in the latest edition of Sun Software Webcasts. The webinar will cover new features in SailFin V2 and also explain how to develop SIP applications using SailFin V2. You can register here for the webinar. For more information, please take a look at Prasad's blog.

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SailFin 2.0 is Now Available! Also GlassFish v2.1.1

Today was the release of SailFin v2 (download, home, wiki) and its companion Sun GlassFish Communications Server 2.0 (download, home). SailFin v2 is a big release; it leverages GlassFish v2.1.1 (more tomorrow) and adds a number of features including high availability, rolling upgrade, flexible network topology, better overload protection, Diameter support, improved diagnosability, Java based DCR files for the load balancer, and more. I can't cover SailFin v2 properly but I'll...

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Rolling Upgrade Support in SailFin V2

Rolling upgrade is a necessary feature to avert system down time. Needless to say that it is very important for telco environments. In his latest blog entry, Bhavani explains the rolling upgrade support in Sailfin V2. The newly added SailFin HA sample has been enhanced to demonstrate rolling upgrade also. Session replication is used to prevent loss of sessions during rolling upgrade (and also in case of a failure). Sreedhar explains the new replica selection algorithm used...

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Simplifying Converged Application Development

Gregory Bond was right, when he wrote, this is the year of converged application frameworks, while announcing Converge. The number of frameworks and libraries available for sip application development continue to increase. Earlier this week, Richard Newman announced his Clojure SIP servlets library in the SailFin community. Take a look!. SailFin CAFE is also shaping up well and development is in full swing with contributions from both Sun and Ericsson. Here are some(one, two)...

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