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OTN Virtual Technology Summit

David Delabassee
Software Evangelist
The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is running a new type of event, the Virtual Technology Summit! VTS are online technical events covering a wide set of topics such as Database, Middleware, Systems and, of course, Java. Those topics will be presented by renowned experts from Oracle but also from the community!

The first VTS is taking place is July and will be run 3 times to accomodate different time zones:

  • Wednesday July 9th : 9am PT to 1PM PT - register here
  • Thursday July 10th : 9am to 1pm BST / 10am – 2pm CET / 12pm to 4pm MSK / GST - register here
  • Wednesday July 16th : 10:00am IST / 12:30pm SG / 2:30pm AEST - register here

The following sessions will be presented in the Java track: 

Efficient architectures for creating MapReduce Pipelines 
by Fabiane Nardon, Java Champion and Big Data Expert

Crunching, aggregating, analyzing, transforming: real world data science applications usually perform several processing steps, each step adding more value to your data. Architecting and coordinating these processing pipelines in an efficient way requires a good understanding of the underlying mechanisms of MapReduce algorithms and a few tricks you only learn after you processed several terabytes. This presentation will show how to architect efficient MapReduce pipelines, how to integrate your pipelines with external datasources, like Redis, MongoDB or even relational databases, how to decide the best granularity for a job and when investing in a MapReduce architecture really pays off. 

JavaScript/HTML5 Rich Clients Using Java EE 7

by Reza Rahman, Java Evangelist and Java EE Expert

The sea change in HTML5 is likely to shift the pendulum away from today's thin-client based server-side web frameworks like Struts 2 and JSF to JavaScript powered next generation rich clients. With strong support for REST, WebSocket and JSON, Java EE is well positioned to adapt to this change. In this heavily code driven session, we will show you how you can utilize today's most popular JavaScript rich client technologies like AngularJS, Backbone, Knockout and Ember to utilize the core strengths of Java EE using JAX-RS, JSR 356/WebSocket, JSON-P, CDI and Bean Validation. We will also introduce Oracle's own JavaScript rich client solution code named project Avatar.

How to Become an Embedded Developer

by Angelia Caicedo, Java Evangelist and Java Embedded Expert

Jump into the Internet of Things using embedded Java. This session walks you through the steps required to start creating embedded Java applications by showing real examples of how to use GPIO and the I2C devices. See how easy it is to program embedded devices and have some fun!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the Java community and register!

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