Learn about OpenSSO or Troubleshoot it! - With Firefox

Jim Faut and Rick Palkovic have been posting a nice series on how to troubleshootOpenSSO with Firefox Add-Ons. They just pushed out two more entries in the series, which now includes: • Part 1: Introduction • Part 2: Single Sign-On and Policy Protection • Part 3: Cross-Domain Single Sign-On • Part 4: Service Provider Initiated Fedlet Single Sign-On • Part 5: Identity Provider Initiated Fedlet SSO Fedlet deployment These articles are worth a check even if you just want to...

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Introducing Hubert - the new OpenSSO Community Lead

TheOpenSSO Community has new leadership.SuperPatleft Sun; for anew job at huawei (wikipedia), in the Cloud computing team thatGeoff is building. The able replacement is a long-term member of the group,Hubert Le Van Gong. Hubert has his own blog and has been tracking recent developments there: • >Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO >OAuth support: a summary of our work >Follow-up: Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO >OpenID for OpenSSO: Realm/RP...

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OpenSSO Express Build 8 Released

As I just reported in a little more detail over at Superpatterns, we released OpenSSO Express Build 8 yesterday, including features such as our new One Time Password feature, the Fedlet for .Net and a new task flow for enabling single sign-on to Salesforce.com. It's worth noting that OpenSSO Express Builds are supported builds, released on an approximately 3 month cycle between Enterprise builds. Customers simply buy support for OpenSSO and then choose which build to deploy;...

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OpenSSO Fedlet Wins 'Best Innovation Award'

The OpenSSO Fedlet has received an title="Awards for Outstanding Identity Management Projects" >Awards at the European Identity Conference for (providing) a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Some more details in SuperPat's writeup, including an interview with Pat. Congratulations to the OpenSSO team and thanks to Jacki and Dan for the tips.

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OpenSSO Plays with GoogleApps... and the iPhone

There are a couple of nice short webcasts on OpenSSO. The first one builds on the latest OpenSSO Express; it is a short webcast that shows how to federate SSO to GoogleApps in 4 minutes using Express 7 and the SDK. The second is a neat iPhone App (POssO) that provides access (read/write) to an LDAP directory.

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OpenSSO Hits 1000 Members

OpenSSO reached 1000 members last week. As I mentioned in my blog entry at Superpatterns, this means that 1000 people have registered at opensso.dev.java.net to be able to participate in the mailing lists and forums, and to be able to file and track issues. OpenSSO is on a real upward trend right now, with a whole bunch of events over the next few weeks, at the RSA Conference, MySQL Conference, European Identity Conference and more. See my blog entry for details, and come...

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