Some JMS and OpenMQ for the holidays

JMS and OpenMQ seems to be a recurring topic on the GlassFish forums and mailing-list so we've now made the content of a fairly recent bootcamp available for everyone to play with to become familiar with the technology. The bootcamp covers basics on OpenMQ and how it relates to GlassFish, sending and receiving JMS messages, using MDB's (message-driven beans), setting up an MQ broker using a GlassFish instance or a GlassFish Cluster. Just what you needed for the holidays!

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Two OpenMQ screencasts

OpenMQ is both the JMS reference implementation and a key component of GlassFish. Specifically, OpenMQ 4.5 is the version integrated in GlassFish 3.1 and just like GlassFish goes way beyond what the specification requires, especially with regards to clustering, OpenMQ offers high availability clusters and useful management tools. We've just posted two MQ screencasts which were produced a little while ago but content still relevant : • GlassFish Message Queue - High...

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OpenMQ Roadmap Updated

Ed has updated the Roadmap for OpenMQ with the information related to OpenMQ 4.4, targeted for GlassFish v3. Key features include: • JMS Bridge -- Connect to other Open MQ clusters, or other JMS products • STOMP -- use the Streaming Text Oriented Message Protocol in Open MQ • Embedding -- Use Open MQ as an embedded messaging provider in your own Java application Full details at OpenMQ 4.4 Feature Page.

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JMS over HTTP on GlassFish (and OpenMQ)

Masoud has a nice Detailed Writeup explaining how to configureOpenMQ (the GlassFish JMS implementation) to run over HTTP. This is very useful in constrained situations, for example... An untrusted applet can communicate back to a server which it is initiated from (server which hosted the applet and delivered the .class and jar files). So your applet can either use mq protocol or it can use JMS over HTTP protocol which is shown in the sample. BTW, Masoud also briely mentions the...

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OpenMQ... From 55 King William Street

Linda has provided great information onOpenMQ in the past (seeOpenMQ@TA and herSanta Webinar). I'm looking forward to new posts from Linda but, in the meantime, Nigel isJoining the Blogosphere. Nigel's first post is on Consumer flow control and Message-Driven Beans where he describes"how to configure consumer flow control for messages delivered to MDBs running in an application server such as Glassfish". The note is really a mini-article that coversMessage pre-sending, Consumer...

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What's new in OpenMQ 4.3? UMS!

Going back a little bit to the GlassFish v2.1 release (January 2009), if you're into JMS (the most under-used Java EE technology IMO) it's important to notice that OpenMQ 4.3 is now shipping with this latest version of the application server (full documentation here). The most obvious new feature listed in the Release Notes is UMS (Universal Message Service). Universal Message Service (UMS) is documented hereand offers access to Message Queue from any HTTP client. OpenMQ ships...

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