A year ago IBM was joining OpenJDK

A year ago, IBM was joining the OpenJDK project. In the past 12 months Java SE 7 was filed as a JSR and delivered with implementations from both Oracle and IBM, the JCP started working again with substantial progress made for Java SE 8 (now scheduled for the summer of 2013) and Java EE 7. Apple, Azul, SAP and Twitter have also since joined the OpenJDK project. The list of blogs collected last year on TheAquarium make for an interesting read given all that has happened since....

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OpenJDK bylaws up for ratification

Others have constitutions, OpenJDK has bylaws and they've now been submitted for ratification.This is an important milestone for the project. This page has all the details on who can vote (non trivial changesets), how to vote (no +1/-1) and how this document was built via multiple iterations. The ballot closes in two weeks.

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