OpenESB community partner releases the first commercially supported OpenESB component

Many of the components in OpenESB were developed by Sun, and all of the components in the GlassFish ESB distribution are commercially supported by Sun. Now, for the first time, and hopefully the first of many to come, it is an OpenESB community partner that has taken a component through the OpenESB release process, providing commercial support on it. This component is the CORBA BC and the OpenESB community partner is Imola Informatica. With this component, developers can...

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Fuji M7 (OpenESB v3) - EIP Support and more

Mark has announced the Availability of Fuji M7. This new release features Many Additions including support for Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP - website, Wikipedia). Supported patterns include: Message Filter, Split, Content-Based Routing, Aggregate and Wire Tap The Screencasts page does not yet include examples for the new features, but Mark hints that they are on their way. Also see previous entries tagged title="Fuji entries at TheAquarium">Fuji

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Fuji M6 is now Available - POJOs, S3, SSL and other features

Earlier in the week the team for Fuji (advance for OpenESB v3) released their latest Milestone, M6. Mark has a good Overview of the release which includes a good Demo (note - content is not streamed). The Downloads now include an install image for Felix and a bundle with GlassFish v3. New features include Java POJOs, S3, and SSL support. For more details, refer to Mark's post or go to the M6 home page and the Demos and Screncasts page.

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GlassFish ESB v2.1 released

After a few months of development, bug fixing, testing, etc, GlassFish ESB v2.1 is now released. New in this release is that is a lot easier to scale GlassFish ESB through clustering. All components now have support for clustering. By the way, GlassFish ESB clustering is (of course) based on GlassFish clustering. Also new in this release is the inclusion of theIEP SE andScheduler BC (a new component!), several component enhancements, and support for AIX 5.3. More details can be...

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OpenESB update: v2.1 Release Candidate 2, a webinar, and JavaOne

GlassFish ESB v2.1 is almost done: Release Candidate 2 is now available from the OpenESB downloads page. We expect to be able to list the GA version a few days after JavaOne. Not clear what OpenESB is and what it can do for you? Sign up for a free webinar that will be held on June 10 at 10am PDT. Reserve a seat by registering! If you're attending JavaOne, make sure to pay us a visit. There are several events that feature OpenESB. See our JavaOne events page.

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Tom Barrett presents: Sun GlassFish ESB in Action: A Technical Deep Dive

On Wednesday April 29 at 10:00am PDT, Tom Barrett will present a webinar in which he will provide a technical deep dive of GlassFish ESB. Tom is a SOA Technical Specialist, and Java Ambassador. He's the author of several high quality OpenESB tutorials. In this webinar he will cover amongst others BPEL orchestration of web services using the BPEL service engine, the use of binding components, and the assembly, deployment and testing of composite applications. Join the webinar...

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