News Features in OpenDS 2.2 Control Panel: Managing Multiple Servers and Recurrent Tasks

OpenDS continues to move forward after the Release of Sun OpenDS Standard Edition this last July. As indicated in theRoadmap the next release is OpenDS 2.2, scheduled for this Fall. TheRoadmap describes a number of features, includingFractional Replication andLDAP Accessible ChangeLog, but Ludo has just published two features in the Control Panel, the ability toManage Multiple Servers andSupport for Recurrent Tasks. Added - See Ludo's latest post on theAvailability of OpenDS...

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OpenDS 2.0 is now Final

OpenDS 2.0 is now final. This is a major release, new functionality ranges from a new GUI to better administration, from improved performance to better reliability, from new features to improved portability. See Ludo'sAnnouncement and thisSnapshot of the Documentation. Community builds are availablehere, including aZIP and a JNLP. The Sun-supported commercial distribution isSun OpenDS, downloadable here.This looks like a great release; congratulations to the team, and onwards...

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OpenDS 2.0 RC1 is Available

Now that JavaOne is over, I'll try to catch up with the most important news I didn't get to in the last 2-3 weeks. OpenDS 2.0 is scheduled to release this month (see Roadmap) and Ludo announced the Release Candidate 1 on May 25th. This is a major release with new functionality ranging from a new Assured Replication Multi-Master Replication to IBM JVM Support. Quick download links to the Core Server, DSML Gateway and QuickSetup JNLP. Full details at the RC1 Page and at QuickSetup Tool.

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OpenDS, the Java OpenSource LDAP Server - This Week's Webinar

This week's webinar is onOpenDS, the Open Source Java LDAP server that is at the core of the next generation for Sun's market leadingDSEE Product. Ludovic will provide an overview of the project including the recent developments on the v2 release. The presentation on Thursday, April 23rdh,11am US Pacific, atTheAquarium Channel. Full details (and recordings) at theShow Page. OpenDS has been gaining nice adoption recently; relevant entries are taggedtitle="OpenDS entries at...

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OpenDS 2.0 Community Translations - Did you Know About CTI?

There is now a Community-Driven project that isLocalizing OpenDS 2.0 using theCTI. Languages can be added on demand, the current list includes French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. Details in the posts byHajma andLudo, in theWiki page and in this thread. In general, the last couple of months have seen a significant growth on OpenDS adoption (MarkMail). I think this is driven by OpenDS 2.0 and also by additional voices like Matthew. BTW, I believe thatDocWeb,James's...

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An Unfair Advantage? G1 and OpenDS

I cannot catch up with all the backlog ofOpenDS news in a single post so for now I'll just mention theAvailability of OpenDS 1.3 b2 and then I want to highlight the work related to Garbage First (G1) GC. G1 is our most recent Garbage Collecting algorithm and it is intended to replace the current CMS (see John'sOverview of JDK's GCs) in JDK7. G1 is sketched in Alex's note; more details in TS-5419 or try it by yourself in a recent OpenJDK. The OpenDS team has high demands for...

Thursday, April 2, 2009 | OpenDS | Read More

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