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    January 5, 2006

OnJava article on Dependency Injection in Java EE 5

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Debu Panda has an article that just appeared
in OnJava on dependency injection in JavaEE 5.
The article mentions only JBoss and Oracle's EJB 3.0 implementation, but
his blog is explicitly referring
to GlassFish.
Oracle is the lead contributor to the Java Persistence implementation,
so the implementation in the
Oracle's OC4J should be the same as that in GlassFish.

A popular description of Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection is
Martin Fowler's article.
The EJB 3.0 spec can be found at the JCP site;
it would be nice to see the slides that Linda used at her presentations
at JavaPolis(1,
2)... I wonder if they are available...

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