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One step closer to JDK7 - feature complete

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JDK 7 has reached another the "feature complete" stage. Mark Reinhold explains what that means and what's left before the Developer Preview release in a month or so. Henrik also has a piece on this milestone, sharing his confidence that the announced roadmap (final version this summer) will be met.

You're encouraged to grab a recent build of OpenJDK (available also on Mac OS X), try it out with NetBeans 7.0 beta (familiarize yourself with project Coin) and possibly also with GlassFish (although clearly not yet a supported platform) and provide feedback for it all.

Note that Java EE 7 will likely require Java SE 7 (like Java EE 6 requires Java SE 6).

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  • Alex Monday, January 17, 2011

    Nice, so now you can be "feature complete" before the implemented JSRs are finalized. Looking forward to being "feature complete" before those JSRs are even submitted.

    Of course I'm being sarcastic, but why call this "feature complete" when clearly there's work ahead? Sure, it's minor and it could even mean no changes at all. But why open new opportunities to abuse this in the future?

  • Alexis MP Monday, January 17, 2011

    From Henrik's blog:

    "The definition of the FC milestone allows for exceptions to be integrated later. There are very few such exceptions in the project, the most prominent being updated JAXP/JAXB/JAX-WS and integration of the enhanced JMX agent from JRockit. Our project management does not expect the exceptions to have any negative impact on the release plan."

  • Alexis MP Monday, January 17, 2011

    From Henrik:

    "Prototypes of the features now covered by these JSRs have been developed in the OpenJDK community with feedback and cooperation from many members in the Expert Groups as well as other members of the Java community. Our feature complete milestone (as explained in http://blogs.oracle.com/henrik/2011/01/jdk_7_feature_complete_milestone_reached.html) is based on the current assumption that there will be no major changes to the JSRs. If there is, we will have to accomodate the schedule to such changes.

    I don't really see any problem with a JSR being feature complete before it's submitted. That could happen if, for instance, a feature had been around for some time and had proven itself useful and stable. I could then be brought into the JCP as-is and a JSR opened to lock down its specification if possibly be included in a future Java SE version. We don't discriminate against innovation and development being done outside of the JCP."

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