MySQL and Java - Free Webinar on Using MySQL Connector/J

Mark Matthews, Todd Farmer and Rebecca Hansen are giving a free webinar tomorrow entitled:Better Java Application Scalability and Reliability Using MySQL Connector/J Features. Mark is the original creator of MySQL Connector/J and author of the book MySQL and Java Developer's Guide, Todd is the manager for the America's Support team for MySQL and Rebecca is the Product Marketing Manager for MySQL. You only need your browser to attend; webinar is free but registration isrequired...

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MySQL and Java - Adoption Survey and Webinar Series

I've not had time since the CiC to track how MySQL is faring under Oracle but yesterday I noticed that the front page of has a spotlight on Java and MySQL, including their Webinar Series as well as links to several whitepapers and other resources. The spotlight also mentions that Java is the most popular development language for MySQL applications; I asked for a peek at the details and Java is slightly ahead of PHP, with JavaScript and Perl farther back, followed by...

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MySQL track at ODTUG conference 2010

The Oracle Development Tools Users Group (ODTUG) is holding its annual conference in Washington, DC, from June 27th to July 1st. The great news this year is that, at popular demand, there will be a MySQL track, organized and manned by the MySQL community. The ODTUG is an independent group of very skilled Oracle users, fond of high level training, specifically in matters of development tools. This year, after the Sun acquisition was finalized, the ODTUG board of directors asked...

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MySQL Conference 2010 - Call for participation is open

The MySQL Conference 2010, with Sun Microsystems as a founding sponsor, has been announced and the call for participation is open. It's coming later than usual, but it's an opportunity for would be speakers. They will be able to propose talks based on the latest technology, making it even more interesting for attendees. Some of the program is already online. The tutorial page has a great lineup of speakers and advanced topics. More will be announced when the selection ends, at...

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MySQL 5.5 milestone 2 released

MySQL has released its second milestone of the new series, inaugurated this year with MySQL 5.4. The new installment, MySQL 5.5-m2, has several new features, of which the most notables ones are semi-synchronous replication, exception handling through in stored routines through SIGNAL and RESIGNAL, and partitioning enhancements. A quick overview of partitioning and semi-synchronous replication is available in this blog. Hours after the release, Roland Bouman published a very...

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AWS Now With MySQL Support

Amazon has just announced the availability of a new service: the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), based on MySQL 5.1 (AWS Blog, RDS@AWS).  They support both InnoDB and MyISAM but not replication.  See notes from: Mark Callahan@Facebook, Robert Treat@OmniTI,CannelWeb... RDS's pricing depends on the size of the DB instance, ranging from 1.7 GB, 1 ECU to 68 GB of memory, 26 ECUs. Also note that EC2 has lowered its prices. Quoting from the RDS site, this is how...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | MySQL | Read More

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