Java EE 7 - what about caching?

JCache (JSR 107, Java Temporary Caching API) has been incomplete and dormant for a while. With JavaEE 7 picking up steam and addressing cloud scenarios such as PaaS, the co spec leads (EHCache's Greg Luck and Oracle's Cameron Purdy) have agreed to do get back to work and complete JCache to provide Java EE with a general purpose caching API. You can find an evolving draft version of the specification and get a good level of details about what's going on on this recent post...

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More Java EE 7 progress - CDI 1.1 can start

Following last week's results of the EJB 3.2 JSR Review Ballot we now have another result: CDI 1.1 has been accepted by the JCP Executive Committee with 10 YES votes and 1 non-vote (VMWare). This previous post has some context on the goals of CDI 1.1 and links to relevant URLs. You'll note that IBM has casted a YES vote with an interesting technical comment on what they feel should be in Java EE vs. CDI and on more clarification vs. JSR 330 (or its successor). Details are on...

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EJB 3.2 can start!

With the two-week JSR Review Ballot for EJB 3.2 (JSR #345) now closed, the results are in. With 8 YES votes, one NO vote and 4 no-votes, the Executive Committee for SE/EE has approved this ballot and the JSR can proceed with forming an expert group (link to join). EJB 3.2 is scheduled to be integrated into Java EE 7 in 2012 and will focus on PaaS requirements (mainly multi-tenancy) as well as possibly as factoring out container-managed transactions. Check out the JSR main page ...

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JCP Special election this month

Voting unanimously on the Java EE 7 JSRs was excellent news for the future of the platform but some were quick to point out that the number of voters was not the same as usual. Indeed the SE/EE Executive Committee was missing 3 out of 15 members with the recent resignations of the Apache Foundation, Doug Lea and Tim Peierls (2 ratified seats and one elected seat). The good news is that elections to replace these departing members have now been scheduled with Bruno Souza...

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Marching towards a Java EE 7 fullhouse of JSRs - CDI 1.1 & EJB 3.2

You might have missed (I did) the filling of the EJB 3.2 JSR last week. This is the follow up to Linda's "EJB.next" entry posted last month. In addition to the multi-tenancy cloud requirements, factoring out transactions in a similar way interceptors became a standalone specification is one of the interesting goals of this work. Just yesterday JBoss/RedHat has also submitted JSR 346, aka CDI 1.1 and Pete "CDI/Weld" Muir has a blog with further details. We're looking here...

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April is Java month around the world

Next week will probably be one of the busiest week for Java conferences. There are many Java events scheduled this Spring (some reports here and there) with JavaEE/GlassFish often covered by various team and community members. Here's a list of upcoming events : • April 11-13: JAX London - UK • April 12-13: JavaOne Russia - Moscow • April 12-14: CONFESS 2011 - Vienna, Austria • April 12-13: QCon Tokyo, Japan • April 14-15: Miracle Open World - Billunf, Denmark • April 14: OTN...

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