Migrating Spring to Java EE 6 Article Series at OTN - Part 3

The spring season is characterized by migration of birds, whales, butterflies, frogs, and other animals for different reasons. If you use Spring framework and are interested in migrating to a standards-based Java EE platform, for whatever reason, then we have a solution for you. David Heffelfinger's, a renowned author and an ardent Java EE fan, has published third part of Spring to Java EE migration series at OTN. The article series takes a typical Spring application and...

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Jersey 2.0 Milestone 2 Now Available

Jersey 2.0 milestone 2 is now available. It builds upon the first milestone and adds several new features such as server-side asynchronous processing, server-side content negotiation, improved JAX-RS parameter injection, and several others. The REST endpoints can be published on Java SE HTTP Server, Grizzly 2 HTTP container, and some basic Servlet-based deployments. It also provides HTTPURLConnection-based client API implementation. Read about these and more about what's new...

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Java EE 6 sample code

Now that Java EE 6 has been out for more than two years, best practices and code samples seem to be easier to find than ever. Here are a few samples. Markus has just blogged about "Galleria example", a bitbucket-hosted set of end to end Java EE 6 sample code written by Vineet Reynolds (Markus now also has all the practical steps to use the code with NetBeans 7.1.1 and deploy to GlassFish 3.1.2). Other examples include Adam Bien's Java EE Patterns and Antonio Goncalves' Beginn...

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JMS 2.0 Early Draft is here

The JMS 2.0 Early Draft is now posted for formal review (the review period ends on 29 March 2012). Spec lead Nigel Deakin has put together a wiki page summarizing the content of the early draft. For more information about JMS 2.0 (JSR 343), the first JMS update in a looong time, check out the JSR project on java.net.

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Java EE articles on OTN in 2011

2011 has been, with no doubt, a superb year for Java EE and there is no shortage of quality content for anyone interested in the latest version of the platform. Here's a set of articles published by Oracle on OTN, the Java Magazine, and on java.net : • Clustering GlassFish Version 3.1 (java.net) • Using Adobe Flex and JavaFX with JavaServer Faces 2.0 (otn/java) • Contexts and Dependency Injection in Java EE 6 (otn/java) • Introduction de RESTful Web Services (Java Magazine)•...

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Back from Jfokus 2012 - Java EE 7 with slides and demos

If you were not lucky to attend this year's Jfokus conference in Stockholm, Sweden, you can get to a lot of the material presented there including Arun's Cloud/PaaS and Java EE 7 presentations : • "Java EE 7 - Developing for the Cloud""PaaSing a JavaEE Application"

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