Java EE 8 - May recap

Here is a short recap covering some recent Java EE 8 updates. In May, JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) has passed its Final Approval Ballot. Next to this, CDI 2.0 (JSR 365) has also successfully passed the Final Approval Ballot. Given the importance of CDI across the Java EE platform, this is a key milestone towards Java EE 8!  Make sure to check this CDI 2 – Weld 3 Tour. Last month, JSON-B (JSR 367) has entered in the Final Approval ballot period. In the meantime, you can get Yasson, the...

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Java EE 8 - April recap

  With a few days delay, here is a short recap of some the April news related to Java EE 8.    First an important update regarding that will be shutdown shortly. All the GlassFish development and most of the Java development is being migrated to GitHub under the Java EE organization. From now on, we will leverage GitHub to go forward; this will hopefully enable a greater participation. Some projects like Jersey and specifications like JAX-RS were already mirrored...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 | JavaEE | Read More

Java EE 8 - March recap

Here's a quick recap of some of the recent Java EE 8 news. JSF 2.3 (JSR 372) is now final! You can check the Release Notes and download the Reference Implementation. A small party was held at JavaLand to celebrate this community effort! JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) has successfully passed the Public Review Ballot and is now in Proposed Final Draft. CDI 2 (JSR 365) has also passed the Public Review Ballot and is about to enter the Proposed Final Draft stage too. Make sure to check this CD...

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An update on GlassFish 5

The Reference Implementation is a critical piece of any given JSR, this is even more true for Java EE. As the different Java EE 8 JSRs continue to make progress, it is now important to ramp up efforts around GlassFish 5, the open source Java EE 8 Reference Implementation. And today is an important milestone on the way to Java EE 8 as we are publishing the first promoted build of GlassFish 5, aka GlassFish-5.0-b03. We are in fact releasing 2 types of GlassFish 5 builds: nightly ...

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Java EE 8 - February recap

February is the shortest month of the year but it was nevertheless not a quiet month for Java EE 8! Here is a short recap of some recent activities and relevant updates. The Java EE 8 platform (JSR 366) schedule has been updated as follow: Public Review - Apr/May 2017 Proposed Final Draft - June 2017 Final Release - July 2017(!) The CDI 2.0 Public Review period is almost over, so make sure to provide your feedback to the JSR 365 EG …now!  The JAX-RS 2.1 Early Draft is nearly...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | JavaEE | Read More

Java EE 8 @ Devoxx United States

The first American installment of Devoxx is fast approaching. In addition to the different sessions covering Java EE 8, multiple Specification Leads will attend Devoxx US. Java EE 8 Work in Progress -  Linda DeMichiel (JSR 366 Spec Lead) JAX-RS 2.1 Reloaded - Santiago Pericasgeertsen (JSR 370 Co-Spec Lead) CDI 2.0: New & Noteworthy - John Ament (JSR 365 EG member) Making the Most of Java SE with CDI 2.0 (Tools in Action) - (JSR 365 EG member) Keeping your data sane with Bean...

Monday, February 13, 2017 | JavaEE | Read More

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