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Javadocs and Tutorial Available at GlassFish Update Center

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documentation team has uploaded the javadocs and the tutorial information to the Update Center
and it is available through the Update Tool.
Paul describes the actions in his
If you want to check out the screenshots, check out:

  • Updates Detected (img)
  • You will be asked to shut down the server - you can do that w/in the admin console.
  • Then go start the UpdateTool - manually, can't launch (yet?) from the admin console.
  • Select the packages to install (img)
  • Then you will see the Progress Bar of the UT
  • And then you can go point your browser to the
    and the
    pages that have been laid up in your disk.

Still some work to do to improve the flow of the experience, but this is moving in the right direction.

Attentive readers will notice: (a) There used to be a way to run the update tool within the admin console while the server was running, but that was not safe, so it was removed relatively late in the v3 cycle.
(b) The update center repository only has Volume 1 (basics) of the tutorial; we will push Volume 2 there "soon", in the meantime you can get it from here.

And plenty of documents at
and the javadocs are also available
here, thanks to Rajiv.

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  • Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart Thursday, December 17, 2009

    ha! @alexismp points out this was the 3K entry at TheAquarium.

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