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Java EE 8 - March recap

David Delabassee
Software Evangelist
Here's a quick recap of some of the recent Java EE 8 news.

JSF 2.3 (JSR 372) is now final! You can check the Release Notes and download the Reference Implementation. A small party was held at JavaLand to celebrate this community effort!

JSON-P 1.1 (JSR 374) has successfully passed the Public Review Ballot and is now in Proposed Final Draft.

CDI 2 (JSR 365) has also passed the Public Review Ballot and is about to enter the Proposed Final Draft stage too. Make sure to check this CDI 2.0 overview

JSON-B 1.0 (JSR 367) should also enter the Proposed Final Draft phase shortly. 

The JAX-RS 2.1 EG (JSR 370) has posted an Early Draft that covers 2 of the 3 big-ticket JAX-RS 2.1 features: SSE support and a Reactive Client API. The details on Non Blocking IO support, the 3rd big-ticket feature, are now also being discussed. To get a good overview of JAX-RS 2.1, check the presentation that Santiago Pericas-Geertsen (JAX-RS 2.1 co-Spec Lead) did at Devoxx US (video will be published soon). 

The Java EE Security API EG (JSR 375) has posted its first Early Draft. For both JAX-RS 2.1 and the Java EE Security API make sure to read the drafts and provides your feedback in time!

The Servlet 4 EG (JSR 369) is also making progress towards another Early Draft; they have just published an updated schedule that align with the Java EE 8 global schedule. In parallel, we are observing progress on the Reference Implementation work (e.g. Server Push support is being added). 

JavaMail should get a Maintenance Release for Java EE 8 (see details here), a Release Candidate of JavaMail 1.6 is available here.

In other news, IBM has confirmed that they are not planning to do a Maintenance Release of the Batch API (JSR 352) for Java EE 8.

GlassFish 5, the Java EE 8 Reference Implementation is starting to take shape, Promoted Build 3 and 4 have been released in March.

Finally, you might want to check the 3rd Adopt a JSR online meeting held by the JCP. 

As usual, feedback and participation are encouraged! You should expect more news shortly including an update on the plans to move away from Java.Net. 

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