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Java EE 8 - April recap

David Delabassee
Software Evangelist


With a few days delay, here is a short recap of some the April news related to Java EE 8. 
First an important update regarding Java.net that will be shutdown shortly. All the GlassFish development and most of the Java development is being migrated to GitHub under the Java EE organization. From now on, we will leverage GitHub to go forward; this will hopefully enable a greater participation. Some projects like Jersey and specifications like JAX-RS were already mirrored from Java.net to GitHub, those repositories will remain unchanged for the time being. Most of the Java.net repositories and issues have been migrated to GitHub but we still have things to do including refreshing most of the projects web sites. We are also putting the final touches on the new mailing lists and we should, hopefully, be able to share the details very soon. And last but not least, this blog platform will also be migrated to a new modern platform. 
Java EE GitHub Organization
Overall, the effort that went into the migration from Java.net to GitHub has slightly impacted the work on GlassFish 5 last month but it was a short-term pain for a long-term gain! You can download the mid April GlassFish 5 promoted build here.
The good news is that the progress of the different EGs hasn’t been really impacted by this migration.
JavaServer Faces 2.3 has posted the Final Release of the JSR 372 specification while JSON-P 1.1 has passed the Final Approval Ballot. Congratulation to both EGs! JSON-B 1.0 (JSR 367) is now in Proposed Final Draft, yet another specification very close to the Final Approval ballot!
The Servlet 4.0 (JSR 369) EG is now in Public Review.  Regarding Servlet 4 and more specifically HTTP/2 support over TLS on JDK 8, there is a clarification on ALPN support on top of JDK 8.
The JAX-RS 2.1 (JSR 370) EG is making good progress; it has posted a Public Review. Make sure to review the draft specification and provide feedback. Santiago Pericas-Geertsen (JAX-RS 2.1 Co-Spec Lead) gave a session on JAX-RS 2.1 at Devoxx US; the video is now available here. It should be noted that since this presentation in early March, it was decided to drop for now the support of non-blocking I/O in providers. In any case, Santiago's session is interesting to understand JAX-RS 2.1 new APIs (SSE API, Reactive Client API) but also to understand the motivation (and the challenges) behind non-blocking I/O support in JAX-RS providers.
During Devoxx US, Will Hopkins (Spec Lead) gave a overview on Java EE Security (JSR375), you can watch the replay here. The question was raised in the Platform EG (JSR 366) about the inclusion of this JSR in the Web Profile. Given the strong positive feedback on this question, it was decided to include this API in the Web Profile (in addition to the full platform). It is one of the update included in the second Early Draft of the Java EE 8 specification that is now available for Public Review. Also, make sure to watch the Java EE 8 overview that Linda De Michiel (JSR 366 Spec Lead) gave at Devoxx US.
CDI 2 has entered the Final Approval Ballot and while waiting the results, you can watch another great Devoxx US session: “CDI 2.0 New & Noteworthy” by John Ament (JSR 365 EG member). Talking about Red Hat lead JSRs, Bean Validation 2 (JSR 380) is now in Public Review. You can watch Emmanuel Bernard (BV 1.x Spec Lead) “Bean Validation 2 overview” Devoxx US session.
On the Maintenance Release front, we can mention for now 2 upcoming MRs for Java EE 8: Interceptors and JPA.
And last but not least, we are happy to see MVC (JSR 371) going forward, independently of Java EE, with not one but two new Spec Leads: Ivar Grimstad and Christian Katlepoth. With Ivar and Christan, that JSR is in good hands! 
In summary, April has been a very busy month bringing us another step closer to completing Java EE 8 this summer!

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