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How to write Simple Java Clients for REST Services

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Spider Web in the Dew

WSDL, the W3C standard language for describing
Web Services endpoints,
is very flexible but it is also complex, so Marc has been working on
>WADL as an alternative for REST WebServices.
Marc's latest blog describes how to
>Map WADL to Java.
The results are very interesting; for instance, this is the client code to access
Yahoo's News Service:

Endpoint.NewsSearch s = new Endpoint.NewsSearch();
ResultSet results = s.getAsResultSet("jaxws_restful_sample", "java");
for (ResultType result: results.getResult()) {
System.out.println(result.getTitle()+" ("+result.getClickUrl()+")");

Marc promises an implementation soon and is looking for interesting WADL samples
as well as general feedback.

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