How do 14 (Millions) Sound? Status of GlassFish Downloads

We launched GlassFish during JavaOne 2005. Counting since then there have been 13.97 Million (completed) downloads of our AppServer. Or, if counting from GF v1 final, 10.98 Million. Add the 10 days this month and we have crossed the 14 and 11 million marks. Not bad, not bad at all. If you want to look at the details, check here witdh="6" height="6"/>, enlarge the target="_blank" title="GlassFish and JBoss Downloads - Click for Larger Image">download graph witdh="6" height="6"/>, or read other See title="Adoption+GlassFish entries at TheAquarium">adoption entries.

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New GF GeoMap, with Adoption Graphs Included

Jamey cranked a newGlassFish Admin GeoMap Mashup (aka "pink dots map"). As a reminder, this counts visits to the Admin console for connected consoles. We track cumulative and monthly numbers for visits and distinct IP addresses. Sep 08 was the best month so far in hits (420,923), and 3rd best in IP addresses (45,318). The numbers are an undercount (NetBeans users often never use the console, many people just use asadmin),as well as an overcount (dynamic IP allocation leads to...

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XWiki on GlassFish v3

The top 3 Java-Based Wikis out there are (alphabetically)Confluence,Apache JSPwiki andXWiki. I've been using the first two for a bit viawikis.sun.com andGlassFish Wiki and OpenSolaris.ORG is about to use XWiki ([ title="JSPWiki and XWiki Evaluations">1], [ title="OpenSolaris Evaluation">2], [ title="Site Restructuring">3])... Which makes Alexis's posts on XWiki very timely. In these two posts ([1], [2]) Alexisshows how to use the embedded API in GlassFish v3 Prelude to...

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Seam in Action... with GlassFish Server

Dan Allen, the author of Manning's Seam In Action just posted a note explaining how to Deploy a seam-gen Project to GlassFish. The note is based on a more Detailed Description in the Seam in Action Wiki. The instructions currently only cover WAR projects, but Dan says he will expand as soon as he has a moment. We are also trying to find a date where he can present on this topic and on JBoss Seam in general in the GlassFish Online Webinar.

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GlassFish Awards Program Results - And recent GAP blog entries

We have so many winners for the GAP (GlassFish Awards Program) that highlighting them all here would have flooded TheAquarium readers with GAP content, so... We started a dedicated GAP blog instead to discuss winners and other tidbits from the content. Here's a first digest : • Full list of winners. More than 100! • Contributions from Brazil. • Top three winners: Ullrich, Michael, and Chris. • Nice GeoMapwith almost all of the winners on a single map with photos, bio and (of...

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EJB 3.1 Public Draft Now Available

Webinar Reminder - Ken will present on this topic today (Thursday) at 11:15 am Pacific Time in theGlassFish Online Webinar. The JSR-318 EG has released the Public Draft of EJB 3.1 (Download). Ken (the EG lead) is soliciting feedback by email or directly in hisblog. Ken will continue to providing highlights of the new features through his blog, a practice he started after the first Early Draft ([ title="EJB 3.1 Early Draft Now Available">1], [title="Optional Local Business...

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