Recent GAP blogging: multiple communities, coopetitors, and a very special winner

With GlassFish v3 Prelude fast approaching, the blogging on the GAP blog has somewhat slowed down but here are some recent posts : • There's more to GlassFish than a great open source app server... • Sun employees could not compete, so see who else did... • Ok, so we didn't tell you who the real #1 winner was... There are still a few more posts to come in the next few days and weeks on the GAP blog.

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Advantech - Systems Integration with OpenESB, GlassFish, OpenSSO and OpenMQ

Our latest Adoption Story is about Advantech. This israeli company does software and systems integration in Java, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft environments. Alexis interviewed Dror Yaffe, the Chief Architect of the Java division, who explains their use of GlassFish server, OpenMQ, OpenSSO, OpenESB, MySQL and more. Read Alexis' Adoption Story and, for full details, go to our usual Questionnaire.

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Special GlassFish v3 Webinar in Spanish

On Thursday, October 16th, 1pm PT, I will host a Special Webinar in Spanish on GlassFish. I will describeGlassFish v3 Prelude and the rest of the GlassFish-based, Open Source offerings. This webinar will be hosted via uStream.TV atTheAquarium Channel and there will be opportunities for asking questions via its online chat facility. The webinar is open to anybody. For more details, check at TheAquarium Online. To minimize confusions, below are localized hours. Date is...

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Recent GAP blogging

The GAP (GlassFish Awards Program) generated a lot of interesting contributions. The GAP blog is intended to highlight a subset of the winning contributions. Recently entries include: Top 3 contributions, some details and links. • Geo Map of the winners, faces and locations on Google map. • Statistics, total number of winners, geographical representations, and more. • FishFarm, join fork, shoal, and GlassFish. • Top winner details, Ullrich Hafner Hudson contribution. • Wor...

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Using MyFaces with GlassFish

Switching from Tomcat to GlassFish is very easy, specially with recent additions like Valves Support; The only somewhat tricky area were dependencies on MyFaces APIs or behavior. A simple solution to this problem is to use the UseMyFaces properly, as mentioned in this thread. This approach is directly applicable Alfresco; see Mandy's post. PS, I'll clarify if UseMyFaces is officially supported or not.

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From MS IIS to GlassFish - Netcraft tells a story, we want yours too

One of Netcraft's services shows what a site is running, now and historically. Using it you can see how RTL.fr moved from MS's IIS to GF (live, snapshot) and then Funradio.fr followed (live, snapshot). Hopefully more companies in the RTL Group will follow suit. We are always interested in adoption stories of GlassFish. If you find a site that is running on GlassFish, or participated in one such adoption, let us know at stories at sun dot com.

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