New Podcast episode posted - Metro update

After a fairly long period without new GlassFish Podcast episodes, here's an interview with Harold Carr, the architect of the unified GlassFish Metro Web Services stack. This 20-minute discussion covers a brief introduction, uses-cases for using secure, reliable and potentially transactional Web Services, tooling, and more. The Metro stack is available to use in both GlassFish v2 and GlassFish v3 Prelude. In the case of the later "Prelude", the only difference is the need to...

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GlassFish swimming around China

Trying to remain true to our "Think Globally, Act Locally" mantra, GlassFish was in China last week for Sun TechDays and a GlassFish User-Group in Guangzhou and Beijing. Check out the InfoQ coverage (Google-translated into English, Original). We've gathered some good feedback on things to improve (both in GlassFish and specifically for the Chinese market). It seems that Anissa Lam, a member of the GlassFish engineering team and an active participant of the FishCAT program,...

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JSF 2.0 - Public Review Now Available

The Public Review draft of JSF 2.0 is available for download. Earlier Roberto reported on the plan for all the Java EE 6 specs to be in PR by mid-December; so far so good, but more to come. Roberto is scheduled to present on Java EE 6 on Dec 18th (together with Rajiv on Servlet 3.0). Also see posts tagged title="TAG entries at TheAquarium">JSF and title="TAG entries at TheAquarium">JCP. Added - Another Spec released in PRD that same day was the Java EE Connection Architecture 1.6.

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H2 Database with GlassFish

H2 (Website,Wikipedia,Download) is a small OpenSource, Java-based, RDBMS database that can be used embedded, server and clustered. It is written by Thomas Mueller, the originalHypersonic SQL developer (history). Back in August, Marcio wrote a Nice Report showing how to use H2 with GlassFish using TopLink Essentials. This is now part of the formal documentation in theH2 Tutorial. GF support was incorporated in 1.1.101 (Oct 15th),but I just noticed as Marcio and Thomas are...

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Clustering in GlassFish v2 and v2.1

Clustering - supported in GlassFish sinceSept 2007 - will be further improved in the GFv2.1 release (companion to SailFin). One of the improvements is Apache 2.2 support and Kshitiz has written an good writeup on the configuration steps and mentions the automated support also. Clustering is used for horizontal scalability and high availability; interest and use of the feature is increasing quickly withGlassFish deployments. Check theofficial documentation and our recenttitle="H...

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GlassFish December Events in Montreal, Antwerp, and Paris

The first half of December is going to be busy in terms of GlassFish presence at various conferences. The first one is taking place in Montreal on December 4th with Jean-Fran├žois Arcand presenting on GlassFish, Grizzly, Comet, and NIO. Details are here. The biggest Java community event around in December is most likely Devoxx (Antwerp, Belgium - December 8th-12th). GlassFish and other sister projects will be represented in all three sections of the conference: Tools...

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