Frozen bits doesn't mean frozen documentation

Shipping a "final" version (GlassFish 3.1 in this case) doesn't mean the documentation needs to be as frozen as the bits. In fact, a few days ago the team actually put out a new version of the documentation set for GlassFish 3.1 (both Open Source Edition and Oracle GlassFish Server). These changes include more production deployment use-cases, additions to the Add-On Component Development Guide, enhanced documentation on the recent Coherence*Web integration, a better Upgrade...

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Oracle GlassFish Server Control DataSheet

What is the difference between GlassFish Open Source Edition (OSE) and Oracle GlassFish Server (OGS)? If we got a dollar for every time one of us was asked this question we might have a simple monetization strategy. The short answer is listed on the the main glassfish.java.net page: GlassFish Server Control. This set of value-add software for enhanced and a more streamlined use of GlassFish in production is integrated in the Oracle-branded bits (available on OTN for...

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Java EE Books, an update

It's been a while since we did the last JavaEE and GlassFish book review. A few months back, this O'Reilly post detailed the book market in 2010 asserting that "Java experienced the biggest gain in units" making it the #1 language (see graph). In the current book industry climate it's remarkable to see a good number of new JavaEE and GlassFish books. Here are some recent ones we came across : 3rd edition of Antonio Goncalves' Java EE 5 book, updated to use GlassFish 3.0.1. Anoth...

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3.1.1 promoted builds now include AIX archives

GlassFish 3.1.1 is well on it way with 4 promoted builds already out, including AIX support. If you have an AIX system handy, please give it a try, it's meant to be a very stable build (3.1.1 will be very highly compatible with 3.1) and provide feedback. Issues should be filed with the appropriate 3.1.1_b0x "Affects Version". With the exception of Mac OS, this is a (server) operating system where the JVM is not provided by Oracle but rather by IBM which makes it certainly more...

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Define the top 3 issues you'd like to see fixed in 3.1.1

In a prior entry we introduced the objectives for the GlassFish 3.1.1 release. With a goal to be highly compatible with 3.1 we can only fix a small number of critical bugs and we'd like you to help us identify the most important ones using the voting mechanism built into JIRA. With four promoted builds of GlassFish 3.1.1 accounting for already well over 100 bug fixes we'd like to ask you to vote for what you consider to be the most important bugs by 9 am PT Wednesday, May...

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Latest podcast - GlassFish Voices

The latest episode (#73) of the GlassFish Podcast is out. It's a bit different from the other ones (mostly 1-1 interviews) since it has about 20+ participants. These are Oracle employees working on GlassFish briefly sharing who they are, what they did for the recent 3.1 release and what they'll be up to for GlassFish 3.2 and related efforts. I couldn't get to talk to every single engineer but I'm hoping this gives you a chance to hear the voice of the people that brought you...

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