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Consider joining the Frappr GlassFish group. Small things like this do help build community. This reminder message will be repeat at random intervals...

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Resource Management in GlassFish; part 2 - Grizzly

Last week, Sreeram wrote about the concepts of acheiving Resource Management in GlassFish through a policy engine on the HTTP layer; now Jean-Fran├žois follows with details on Grizzly's Application Resources Allocation (ARA) extension whis is used to implement these ideas. ARA supports two kind of allocation policy: reservation or ceiling. The ARA mechanism is disabled by default, so we are interested in feedback before making it more available in a future version of GlassFish.F...

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Validate your TLD!

Jan highlights that in JSP 2.1 the Tag Library Descriptor (TLD) files no longer accept a jsp-version element and instead use an attribute of the root element. The problem arises if you try to use JSP 2.1 features in the TLD and leave the old jsp-version element so Jan suggests that you validate your tag library descriptor ,

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JasperReports on GlassFish

Marcel reports that JasperReports on the b42 of GlassFish. He posted a cookbook to deploy the demo webapp but in theory the same steps should work for other reports based on JasperReports. Many other frameworks and apps have been tested on GlassFish and specifically b42. Here's the complete list tested so far. If you have tested an app that is not on the list, please let us know!

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Resource Management In GlassFish

Quality of Service may sometimes mean that fewer things get done, but with some guarantees. In his latest blog entry, Sreeram talks about Resource Management in Enterprise Applications, describing how to use Zones in Solaris, and in a more generally applicable mechanism, how an experimental change to GlassFish uses a Policy Engine on top of Grizzly to provide these assurances. ResourceManagement, QualityOfService,

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Using the Java Persistence API from GlassFish with Tomcat

The Java Persistence API (faq, intro) is part of Java EE 5 but, unlike its companion EJB 3.0, it can be used in J2EE 1.4 and Java SE. As one example, Petr shows how to use the implementation from GlassFish, TopLink Essentials, to enable the Java Persistence API in Tomcat. , ,

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