Adventures in Java EE 5

Stephen from Dublin has shared some of his Java EE 5 experience and has some good tips for testing in the new world of annotations and resource injection. He's even created an Open Source framework for testing annotated classes - EasyGloss - worth a look. Go raibh maith agat. , ,

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OSS/J - SOA for Telco. ?

OSS/J is a broad industry initiative to deliver Telco. NGOSS (Next Generation Operational Support Systems) based on established industry standards and technologies such as Web Services and Java EE. It defines some standard APIs for common services (eg. Quality of Service - JSR-90, Trouble Ticketing - JSR-91, Service Activation - JSR-89). As it happens these services have much broader application than the telco industry and OSS/J is already finding it's way into different...

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Ask the Experts - Java Web Start

Java Web Start enables one-click deployment of Java Applications to the desktop leveraging the JNLP API. The Java Web Start team is holding an Ask the Experts session this week. If you have any questions you can submit them and the team will reply. Check the Ask-the-Experts web site for more details and a list of the team members involved. GlassFish includes support for Java Web Start clients and we have frequently highlighted that in TheAquarium (title="Search TheAquarium...

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Java Studio Enterprise and Mobility Pack as Open Source

One more day, one more open source announcement -- or so it seems. Jeff Jackson, Sun's VP for tools and the Java Platform, announced that Java Studio Enterprise and Mobiliy Pack will be open sourced. Jeff announced this during Sao Paolo NetBeans Day. Two recent open source announcements are StAX, XWSS. OpenSource, , ,

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EJBs and SSL

Shin Wai has posted a blog on how to configure SSL for use with EJBs. He describes the two kinds of authentications for SSL/TLS and how to specify each for EJBs. Also includes information for using SSL in a standalone client or within the application client container. Looking for an overview of SSL? There's a pointer in an earlier post on TheAquarium as well as a pointer to a blog on using SSL in GlassFish.

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Connection Sharing in GlassFish

Opening DataBase connections are expensive and they are often arranged in a Connection Pool for efficiency. This level of detail is something that the developer should not, and in many cases, cannot, track and should rather be done automatically by some system code. Connection Sharing in GlassFish by Jagadish explains the rules under which sharing will occur, as well as other details, for the case of GlassFish. ConnectionSharing, , ,

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