Free Learning - Solaris 10

Another ([ title="Classes on Web Infrastructure and Identity">1], [ title="Class on SJS AS 9.0 (GlassFish)">2]) Free Class. This one is on Solaris 10 and covers hot topics from OpenSolaris like ZFS, DTrace and Zones. Check the course Here. Free, Learning, , , , ,

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Big Speed Improvements for Creator 2

There is a new Hot Fix for JavaStudio Creator at the Update Center. This update substantially improves project startup and editing performance (50%-90%) . Check these blogs: [ title="the Divas' blog">1], [ title="Tor's blog">2], [ title="Sakthi's blog">3], [ title="Winton's blog">4]. This is the type of improvement that comes with a more agile development that is more closely atuned to the customer's needs and that is anchored in a community of developers and users. And we hope that the GlassFish Community will (continue to) deliver that.

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An update from Entiva on Project GlassFish

The Entiva Group has said Nice Things about GlassFish. Now Alex writes positively about Java EE 5, Phobos, and GlassFish V2 in his latest blog. Here are more entries on Adoption. Adoption, , , ,

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First Look at Mercurial

I found Neuron'slatest blog on Mercurial interesting so I'll pass it on, with caveats. As you may have read, one of the key questions in theOpenSolaris community has been whatSource Control System to use. There areMany Options to choose from, but the OpenSolaris team decided toExplore Two Options:Subversion for centralized cases, andMercurial for distributed. So, with the caveat that GlassFish has no current plans touse Mercurial (we have other fish to fry) and that I really...

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How To : Load balancing HTTP requests with GlassFish

Satish (and Prashant) have two great blogs about load balancing (HTTP requests) with GlassFish (and Sun Java System App Server) The first blog details how to configure F5's BIG-IP load balancer appliance to work with GlassFish (or Sun Java System App Server); the second blog achieves similar goals but uses a software load balancer (a plugin for popular web servers) rather than a dedicated appliance. Note - as of GlassFish V1 - GlassFish doesn't have support for horizontally...

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More on LifeRay on GlassFish

Steff has continued working with Liferay and GlassFish. His recent blogs include: Install Summary, Liferay 4.1 under GlassFish and Hot Deployment in Liferay. Based on a previous post, I believe he is running V1 UR1 b04.

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