GlassFish in Japanese

There is now a translation of the GlassFish community page into japanese (see FishEye Putback). Thanks to Ogino, Yuta and everybody that helped! We have several localization efforts ongoing; others include TheAquarium ([ja], [ru], [es], [zh]) and the Java EE Download pages ([ja]). Still, if feels to me we can do better about using the energy of the community; perhaps we can brainstorm about this during JavaOne?

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GlassFish content at Sun Tech Days

The Sun Tech Days world tour continues on. The next stops include Paris (this week), St-Petersburg (Russia) and São Paulo (Brazil) in April (full list). Most (all?) of these events are free. The events do not (yet) have a formal GlassFish track but a great deal of the content is already GlassFish-related. As an example, the recent Sun Tech Day in London had 10 GlassFish-related sessions: •  "Java EE - Did You Get Your Tools With That?" (as part of the NetBeans day)•  "Java EE 5...

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GlassFish in Oslo this week

This is an update to the "Road to GlassFish Day" post adding next week's Open Source event in Oslo featuring presentations on most of Sun's Open Source efforts including a keynote by Simon Phipps, Sun's Chief FOSS Officer (Simon will unfortunately not be present). Along with the great progress made with OpenESB in the SOA space and the JavaDB content from the local team (Sun's Derby team has many members based there), GlassFish v2 will be covered in two sessions. And if you're...

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Getting Started with GlassFish -- Screencast

Alexis has put together a nice video (7 minutes, includes audio) that shows how to Get Started with GFv2. The screencast starts at the GlassFish community page, continues with the download and installation and then moves to the New Administration Console, which looks really nice thanks to Woodstock and Ken. The screencast moves nicely and will get you started. We need to create similar ones for other pieces of GF; maybe one showing cluster deployment and in-memory replication?

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10 Minutes of Fame - GlassFish Video at SDN

Simon is hosting a series of video interviews at the SDN Channel on OpenSource. We taped the interviews some time ago and we are releasing them once a week during March. Last week was the Introduction to the Series; this week's webcast shows interviews with Mark Reinhold on OpenJDK and with me on GlassFish. My 10 minutes of fame start arount minute 9 of the Webcast. It came out reasonably well, considering it was a one-shot interview, unlike my earier interview in Feb 2006.

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Transparent Clustered Databases - Sequoia on GlassFish

Sequoia is a follow-up to C-JDBC project (under LGPL) and now uses ASL) provides transparent database clustering solution that addresses load balancing and failover for any database. Sequoia works with a number of containers, and that now includes GlassFish! Jagadish latest writeup includes detailed steps for how to successfully configure NetBeans, Sequoia, GlassFish and Derby. For details, check out Jagadish's blog. Enjoy!

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