Click-to-Dial - A SIP Servlet Sample

SailFin has added some examples on how to use SIP Servlet, including a nice Click-to-Dial example that includes Full Source and instructions for building the example using NetBeans and testing it with two SIP softphones: XLite and Ekiga. The corresponding architectural diagram shows the flow of SIP, HTTP and RTP exchanges. The SailFin project also has the sources for a simpler Proxy Servlet example, but the sources for the Conference Manager are not yet available. Thanks to Sreeram for the tip.

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Review of Monitoring Facilities in GlassFish v2 - from Feisty Fawn

Masoud is back :-) with an overview of the Monitoring features in GlassFish v2, including • Getting started with the admin console • CallFlow • Run-Time Monitoring • Application Monitoring • Resource Monitoring • Transaction Monitoring For more details and screenshots on most of these topics, check Masoud's entry. As an extra item, Masoud was using Feisty Fawn.

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Application Manager (AdventNet) Supports GlassFish v2

AdventNet is a company that sells Monitoring, Administration and Configuration products. TheirProduct List seems quite extensive. I hadn't encountered before but Shreedhar had, and so had Greg, when using ManageEngine together withGlassFish The ManageEngine page does not (yet?) list GlassFish as a supported App Server but theirofficial blog does. Both Shreedhar and Greg seem happy customers; you may want to check theirOnline Demo and try at least their Free Version.They also...

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Security Features in GlassFish (and comparison against SJS AS 8.x)

One of the goals ofGlassFish v2 is to incorporate all the features inSJS AS 8.2 EE (Enterprise Edition). For the most part this means adding features that everybody would want, but some features are mostly for backwards compatibility, or because of specialized needs. The tradeoffs are acheived via the notion ofProfiles. Shing Wai has posted a good Overview of how the different Security features map to GF v1, GF v2 and its profiles and SJS AS 8.2 EE.His summary table is very...

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JDJ Reader's Choice - It's that time of the Year...

It is that that time of the year: the polls for the JDJ Reader's Awards are open. Not many changes from previous years: a good intention but the poll methodology is intrinsically problematic as it is heavily biased by who hears about the poll and goes to vote. Still, since some people and press pay attention to the result, please consider going to theJDJ Web Site to vote. There are many categories; some products that are associated with theGlassFish Community include: • ...

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Now also on Jetty... the GlassFish Web Services stack

One of the principles of GlassFish is to encourage the adoption of its components, and, as part of that, we attempt to make those components portable. Vivek had already reported that JAX-WS 2.1 only depended on Servlet 2.4 and would run on Jetty (and others), and now Arun provides the specific instructions to achieve this, including the WSIT/Tango features. Check the installation details at Arun's writeup.

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