Confluence on GlassFish... on your Mac Mini

Here is a neat one: Paul has complete instructions for running Confluence on MacOS X. Paul sent me the pointer to a live instance but I'm worry about overloading his Mac Mini so here is a screenshot instead. Paul also has directions on installing Roller. MacOS X seems a good match for consumer applications of GlassFish, now with GFv2 but even more with GFv3; get your MacOS X download from title="GlassFish Community Download Site - Preferred so we can count downloads">here (or title="Apple Downloads">here or title="GlassFish v2 at MacUpdate">here).

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A version of GlassFish for Everyone

GlassFish is currently in beta 2 for version 2 and with the final version getting closer, you may want to read Thorleif's post for suggestions on what v2 profiles in production should look like. Of course most demanding configurations are bound to be unique and one of the best source of information is the GlassFish documentation and specifically the Deployment Guide and the Performance Tuning Guide. Note we're also running a "Stories" blog with some nice tibits of people...

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GlassFish and a lot more in Belgium and Luxembourg later this month

Sun Microsystems is sponsoring two post-JavaOne events later this month in Europe covering GlassFish v2 and v3 but also Desktop Java, SOA, scripting languages, and more: •  JavaOne Afterglow Belgium. June 26th, 2007. De Montil Affligem (Bruxelles, Belgium) •  JavaOne Afterglow Luxembourg. June 28th 2007. Hilton Luxembourg Hotel Note that JavaOne Technical Session PDFs are available for free from SDN. A good chunk (half?) of the presentations are also now available in a...

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Overview Article about GlassFish v2

Last December, at the encouragement of Yuta, I wrote an overview of GlassFish v2 for a new Japanese Magazine: Java Expert. We arranged that I could reuse the content in other languages, so here is the English version, updated by Alexis with some of the latest news. It runs for about 20 pages and is intended to be fairly easy read with inserts and figures. Let us know if you interested in helping translate this document to other languages.

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GlassFish V3 TP Build Updated

Jerome announced the availability of GlassFish V3 Technology Preview 1, Build 2. Here are the highlights: • Admin commands are now discovered at runtime. • HK2 injection manager now supports more annotations. • Automatically discovery of drivers by the Persistence provider. • All content types defined in domains/domain1/config/default-web.xml. • Install GlassFish V3 as Ruby Gem. You can download the Binary Build or Build From Source and then follow the Quick Start Guide to get...

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Spnego 1.0 Released

The Spnego Project provides a Kerberos-over-SPNEGO plugin for JSR 196-compliant application servers. These are security technologies which can support complex integration scenarios such as single-sign-on all the way from your operating system login to a remote web application. Greg Luck recently title="Greg Luck's Blog: Spnego 1.0 Released - Now everyone can do Kerberos">announced that the project team has completed a 1.0 release. They're doing development and testing on...

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