Free Chat on FindBugs for GlassFish Developers - Tue, Aug 7th

This next Tuesday, Aug 7th, Bill Pugh will be giving a presentation on FindBugs (see earlier TA entries). Bill will also discuss JSR 305 (Annotations for Software Defect Detection), which he leads. The seminar is open for participation to any developer in the GlassFish community; check out the Announcement for details.

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Updated GlassFish Geo Map - July 2007

Jamey just pushed out the latest GlassFish Geo Map. It was delayed by a day because he had to change the implementation from DOM to SAX to deal with the extra data points. We now have 723K hits from 123K different IP (Feb 2007 through Jul 2007). The same title="Search TheAquarium for 'geo map'">caveats as in the past about how to interpret the numbers, but the trend is meaningful and the growth (shown at left) is pretty linear.

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A Happy Metro User - PHP interoperability

One of the key benefits ofMetro, the Web services stack in GlassFish, is basic Web services interoperability provided byJAX-WS RI and .NET 3.0 interoperability by Project Tango. Greek School Network is using it successfully with NuSOAP as well. Metro was chosen over Apache Axis and several other candidates. For the Java WS framework there were several candidates like Apache Axis and JAX-RPC but we choose JAX-WS 2.1, both because of its elegant programming model and the factthat...

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Woodstock 4.1 Build 9 is out - More JSF Components

Woodstock 4.1 is making progress and it includes new components, including a BubbleHelp and an Accordion - the widget, not the Infamous Instrument. Dick gives an Update on the Build, including instructions for using on NetBeans 6. I'm not sure how the latest Woodstock will make it into the runtime distributions (like the SDK and the GlassFish Update Center). I'll find out and will report back; in the meantime, enjoy!

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Marc Fleury on JBoss, GlassFish, OpenSource... - Nice Interview

News.Com has a nice Interview with Marc Fleury that is worth a read. With my GlassFish hat on, I specially like this quote: ... we were seriously stressed when IBM declared war with Geronimo, and then HP got in the game against us, too. Red Hat and JonAS didn't scare us at all (really - not at all), nor did we worry about Sun's foray into the market. Oddly enough, of that group only Sun has managed to mount serious competition to JBoss. Marc has a keen understanding of the...

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Welcome to the Interim Governance Board, Pierre!

Good news! Pierre will join the GlassFish Interim Governance Board. Pierre was very active at Apache and JCP communities for many years and I feel very lucky that he has found time in his busy schedule at Google to help the GF community. So far we have Greg, Pierre and myself. Two more yet to finalize - one Sun, one non-Sun.

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