SailFin and GlassFish - How Are They Related?

Prasad has written an Overview note explaining the relationship between SailFin and the core GlassFish AppServer. This expands on my earlier note and on Abhijit's note. In a nutshell, GFv2.1 adds all the non-SIP specific features to the core GlassFish AppServer (building on the GFv2 UR1 release) and SailFin builds directly on that.

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NOTD - GlassFish on AIX

As explained in this wiki page, support for the AIX operating system is one of the major goals. Some people have offered testing on AIX. If you're interested in testing it as well, AIX nightly downloads are here.

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Screencast: Metro Web services using NetBeans 6

NetBeans 6 provides an integral support for Secure, Reliable and Transactional Web services usingMetro. It also introduces a new Web Services Designer that enables you to design the Web service visually and switch between the Source and Design mode. In screencast #web7, I show how a Secure and Reliable Web service can be easily created, deployed and invoked using the NetBeans IDE. A comprehensive list of GlassFish screencasts isavailable.Most of the screencasts are available so...

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GlassFish for Rails and Rails for GlassFish

Are you a Rails developer and looking for a better development container ? - GlassFish Gem provides that option. You can useGlassFish V3, instead of WEBrick, for deploying your Rails application. Read the complete details here. Are you an existingGlassFish V2 user and interested in using Rails ? - JRuby module on the Update Center allows to create WAR of a Rails application that can be easily deployed on GlassFish. Read the complete details here and watch the screencast. Here...

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GlassFish at MidWest Java Tech Days

Harold presented on Metro at MidWest Java Tech Days at Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana. Read his trip report. Next stop is Minneapolis on Oct 16 and Chicago on Oct 18. I'll be presenting on Metro and jMaki.

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NOTD - Newer JAX-WS in JDK 6

Rama reports that Java SE 6 Update N will not only please people waiting for the "Consumer JRE" but also Web Services developers. The much improved JAX-WS 2.1.1 implementation will also be part of the core JRE set of APIs. This will remove the need for the endorsed mechanism required today in order to use both JAX-WS 2.1 and Java 6.

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